'Being Human' Recap: 'Lil Smokie'

Courtesy Syfy

Josh is back, Sally can read, and Aidan found somebody that he used to know. Let's do this.

What do ghosts dream about? Well if you're Sally, when your fiance was about to kill you, you strike back and your witchy BFF finishes him off.

Back to reality - Donna's Big Book of Magic is constantly changing with new spells appearing all the time. I wish my cookbooks would do that. It would save a lot of space in my cabinet. Aidan tells her magic costs her; can she learn to control it? Because Sally is the master of tact, she reminds Aidan that it took him a couple hundred years to perfect his control so give her a little time here, M'kay?

Aidan heads back to work with Josh and I've just got to say that after a leave of absence of 18 months, this hospital has a very generous FMLA policy. The Stapp & Sons van pulls up and because Aidan makes terrible decisions, goes to confront Blake. Whoops! Not Blake. Vamp fight ensues and Aidan loses so into the van you go to meet the new boss. Hi Dad! Kenny was grotesque but he got better thanks to time and 'hotties.' Ah, those hotties. Always so giving. Meanwhile, Josh struggles with returning to the real world.

Sally continues to read her Big Book of Magic when she sees a spell to bring back her door. It begins to disappear so of course she starts casting it. It brings white light and...Donna, who booby-trapped the book knowing Sally would use it. We could play the 'bad decision drinking game' but I won't be responsible for sending anyone to the hospital.

Commericals! You can believe that Steve Young and Jerry Rice wear Van Heusen dress shirts to do color commentary as long as I get to maintain that Brother of Chucky will actually make a difference as head coach for the Washington Redskins. Deal? Deal.

Donna taunts Sally, gloating that she set her up to use spell to bring back the door. Then they play a witchy version of Simon Says, since they're linked, as Sally grows proficient, Donna gets stronger. Not to be outdone, Sally sets herself, Donna and the book on fire. There can be only one and it's Sally. The book has been absorbed into Sally's essence but I don't believe for a second that Donna is gone: she has been torn apart from the inside, sent to limbo and now immolated. She'll come crawling back again.

As Kenny shows Aidan around the newest Vamp water hole with some special blood art called 'B+', Aidan wonders how Kenny landed this role. Who did he have to kill? Well, you know how it is, virus, power vacuum, Bob's yer uncle and now he's the boss. NBD.

Sally confesses to Nora that she tried to summon her door; she wants to move on before everyone leaves her and I think she might be a little afraid of the magic. She doesn't want to become an agent of evil but Nora points out that she can only be corrupted if she chooses to be and this may have been the most profound thing that Nora has ever said.

Aidan wants to know what Kenny wants. To show he's not a monster anymore; that he's sorry he tried to kill Aidan's friend. Aidan tries to be complimentary; he wants to be proud but...can't. In the vamp world to hold onto power it's either kill or be killed and Aidan wants no part of it. Aidan clearly has some daddy issues of his own. Kenny pouts.

Josh goes for a jog to clear his head, never mind that he's in full scrubs and the wolf comes to the forefront when another jogger passes him. Geez some guys are competitive.

Commercials! Is it just me or does the Verizon coverage map look a lot like 'B+?'

Josh goes back to the hospital but is suffering from PTWD (post traumatic wolf syndrome) and in his desperation to get out, pretty much trashes the floor. He goes back home to...go for a run. Nora is trying to redecorate to give him a change of scenery, something, anything to help him. Nora can see the wolf in Josh and the worry is consuming her. Sally can't help Josh, he needs to fight this battle himself but she can help Nora heal the scars on her stomach from her abusive ex.

Aidan remembers letting Kenny out of his bubble to enjoy life for once and grieves for that child while back in the club, Kenny is putting the moves on a donor. His face suddenly transforms to the misshapen lump and terrifies her. He glamours the girl to feed but leaves ugly bite marks. Imperfect control or something else?

During Josh's run, two guys chase him into a dead-end alley. Turns out vamps were going after him but in the midst of the fight, he partially changed and they turn tail and run as courage was obviously not their strong suit.

Commercials! Between the family sedans, erectile dysfunction and cell phone coverage, I'm not entirely sure who advertisers think watches this show.

Aidan finds Josh who is still shaken; he didn't know them but they knew him. As they fought he began to turn. Aidan notes that only purebreds can do that, is this Josh's rite of passage to becoming the area's alpha?

Nora and Sally work on the cure for the scars; Nora is understandably nervous but as no sourcing of body parts were required, Sally assures her it's the witch equivalent of zit removal.  She slathers on the guacamole, wraps her stomach and lets it bake overnight. Sally lays her hands on the bandage and says the spell..and she disappears. This time she travels back to the house as it was in the 1970s. There is a little girl giving out smokies - the same on who was sacrificed. What the hell happened in there?

Kenny and Aidan walk in the woods...again. Josh was attacked, what does Kenny know about it? Kenny admits that he sent them to kill Josh but he's really really sorry. Aidan is distraught but Kenny fessed up so points to him for honesty however, trying to get rid of the competition for Aidan's attention? Not the best move you've ever made, Special K.

Commercials! The 80s are back in force thanks to Izod and I'm still harboring Deep Feelings over Doreen being killed on Helix.

Back in the woods, Aidan challenges Kenny to a duel to the death as he carries not only his own stake but also a spare. Kenny wants a father figure more than anything so he won't fight Aidan. How was he able to take control over Boston? Well it turns out that Kenny is pretty powerful...he can compel vampires as well as humans. His appearance didn't change but he can control what people see. He didn't compel Aidan to join him as he wanted Aidan to make that choice freely but now? The stakes are much higher. The trouble is that to maintain the illusion, he needs to feed 4-5 times as much as a regular vampire. It appears that the virus also had the effect of speeding up the evolution of the vampires. How many other survivors are out there with enhanced abilities? The touching scene is interrupted by a call with trouble at the club. Turns out someone got in there and started staking Kenny's inner circle.

Josh confesses to Nora that the wolf can come up when it wants and he's trying to hang onto himself. He's scared that he liked the power he felt. That's not what he wants to be. Nora will help him in anyway she can. For starters she could not wear what looks like a denim sack. I'm just saying. As part of his brave new world, he quits his job. Great, Josh. Now how will you ever be able to move out of your best friend's house?

Commercials! Werewolves are already being used to sell Subarus...why not ED meds? Missed opportunity there, Cialis.

Who would do such a thing in his not even open yet club? Vamps on the hunt says Aidan. Maybe turf wars a la Bishop. Van Helsings? Kenny, you're lucky Aidan just rolled his eyes at you for that.

Nora's scars are gone! All hail the power of guacamole! She and Sally bond happily over skin care. Sally tells where she goes after performing magic...she saw the little girl who was sacrificed again. She hears something in the other room and the wallpaper comes off; like someone ripped it down. Written on the wall in blood is 'don't leave me'. Clearly the little girl needs help...or is this another trick by Donna? The time travel isn't a punishment - Sally is supposed to help her. Not that I disagree with her assessment but maybe take a little time to think this through first?

Back at HQ, Kenny and Aidan review the security tapes. A hooded figure entered the club and took out at least 5 of the vampires. Then, because it's required by law, the figure looks directly into the cameras and lowers its hood revealing...Suzanna. Vampires caused her to kill her son by making her one of them and now they will all pay. It's not Van Helsing you have to worry about Kenny, it's Blade.

Tune in to "Being Human" next Monday, February 3 at 9 p.m. ET on SyFy as Aidan brings Kenny back home, Zoe and Sally reunite and Suzanna, confrontation part five, gets underway.