'Being Human' Recap: 'That Time of the Month'

Photos Courtesy of Syfy

Welcome back! Are you ready? Let's do this.

Remember when Suzanna just showed up at the house? Turns out she can't come in. I wonder why that could be? Well, it might have something to do with Bishop fishing her out of the river and turning her into a vampire to keep Aidan happy. Oh Bishop, it's like you're new here ... but back then. Aidan and Suzanna make some of the most awkward conversation ever and it's just painful. Pants? Leather? And, how come you never called me?

Nora is freaking out about Josh slipping further away into the wolf when Sally offers to help using Donna's magic seeing as that's kind of what got Josh into this mess in the first place. Nora, she's becoming a time lord ... I would think carefully before proceeding down this particular path.

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Sally journeys into another dimension again but this time with a purpose. What is she looking for? She can touch the dirt and digs up a book but alas, the pages are blank when suddenly they are filled with writing. Obviously the key to unlocking the book was 'I solemnly swear I am up to no good' and because this is Sally, we don't question it.

Aidan and Suzanna continue their awkward conversation when he finally brings up what he's most desperate to know, what happened to Isaac? She reassures him that she kept an eye on their son and that he died a grandfather. Aidan's relief is palpable and I admit that I smiled. No pics though so I guess it didn't happen.

Sally pops in with the book and pretty handily insults Suzanna without evening know who she is. It seemed to be like getting bulldozered by a ghostly steam engine. She has magic! Donna's magic! They can help Josh; in Nora's desperation she agrees while Aidan counsels that this is not the best
idea they've ever had. Aidan, you are arguing with two women. There is no way for you to win here.

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We are go for magic time! Aidan runs the perimeter to make sure the area is cleared of humans as what is needed next for the spell is blood. And not just any blood. Special blood. And it just so happens that it's Nora's time of the month as women's cycles are also tied to the lunar cycles. Huh, guess men were right to fear Aunt Flo; she's more powerful than you know. Adding in the fact that as a vampire, Aidan can smell it makes the whole thing unbelievably hilarious.

At moonrise the spell starts. Nora pours the blood in a baby pool. Sally reaches in and pulls out a knife. What Sally hasn't shared is that to banish the wolf, they need to stab the wolf in the heart. Nora takes the knife and tried to calm Josh but he's having none of that. When he starts to attack Nora, Aidan grabs the knife and stabs him. Sally disappears again. Every time she uses magic she's transported to another time. This time she goes back to when Aidan and Josh first moved into the house together and figures out that she's traveling through time - sometimes in her timestream, sometimes in Donna's.

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Sitting in the barn stall with a dead wolf, Aidan sees Josh's hand come out of the wolf's mouth. He cuts Josh out of the wolf; congratulations Aidan, it's your best friend! Sally chooses this time to flash back and lets them know that they shouldn't have pulled him out of the wolf corpse as the spell wasn't complete. Sally, this is why everyone needs to read the recipe all the way through before beginning. Josh is a wee bit traumatized by this and is going to need a whole lot of therapy.

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Aidan goes to (finally) finish his conversation with Suzanna. Bishop banished her because she did not embrace the life of the vampire as he wanted her to. He gave her a great gift but with her lack of gratitude, she didn't deserve Aidan and would only drag him down. What she wants is still uncertain; it's not to get back together. She was crystal clear about that. What does one do after many uncomfortable discussions with one's long-believed-dead-but-now-unliving wife? Go to visit one's human girlfriend of course. He tells Kat that he loves her in what might be the most back-handed way possible and they celebrate with sex.

Suzanna is doing penance in her hotel room, remembering her first hours as a vampire, the pain of needing to feed. Running feet flash by and she hallucinates that Aidan tells her to feed, to give in to the hunger. She attacks like an animal to find that she's killed her son. Bishop declines to sentence Isaac to an eternity as a child and sends Suzanna away for being too weak. She's also lied to Aidan about the fate of their son so this will undoubtedly be a major plot point throughout the season.

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Josh is still processing all that he went through and Sammy Huntington does an amazing job of conveying the confusion, pain, and fear that the character has roiling about inside with few words. It's a truly fantastic performance. He feels trapped inside the house and it's going to take more than a magic silver knife to purge the wolf completely as he sees in the mirror that his eyes have gone yellow. I'm very curious to see what happens the next full moon - which wolf will he become: his wolf or the monster?

Next week on "Being Human:" Boston Boss Kenny is back and it appears that Sally was correct, the spell wasn't complete. It appears that I'm 0-1 in the prediction department and not just a little bit disturbed about Isaac.

This season promises to be a doozy so make sure to join us!