FEARNET Launches Bolder New Look in Brand Refresh

Launching today, you might notice something a bit different about the highly recognizable FEARNET splat logo. Their bigger and bolder brand refresh is announced via press release, "FEARNET is shedding its skin, unveiling a new network package that modernizes its former cinematic look into a multi-faceted, artful television brand, reflecting the type of diverse, genre-bending programming that FEARNET delivers."

Notice FEARNET is in all caps too?

Some what else could we expect from the horror-centric channel? The release promises that the enhancements are "...just the beginning of a brand evolution that will continue through 2014, affecting all aspects of the company’s marketing efforts for its linear TV channel, video on demand services, affiliate communication and Industry-leading website, FEARNET.com."

Faye Walker, FEARNET’s senior vice president of marketing, who spearheaded the refresh movement, says, “This re-brand is not about revolution, but evolution, as the channel continues to grow—creating a modern look that will satisfy the hardcore audience, while expanding its outreach to casual viewers, and cultivating new opportunities with advertisers to partner with the network.”

Peter Block, FEARNET president and general manager, adds, “We wanted to create a look that brings the Network into the next generation, reflecting the accelerated growth of the genre over the last few years, while also putting more focus on the eclectic programming and content that sets FEARNET apart from other genre outlets. The genre is both more accessible and more present than it has ever been, with elements like monsters, vampires, and zombies present on almost every channel. Because of this rise in popularity, we wanted to create an environment that attracts a more diverse audience—from cult classic Corman lovers, and slasher flick fans, to those casual viewers who might enjoy 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'The Walking Dead,' but do not necessarily identify themselves as ‘horror fans’.”

So what do you think? Do you like the new logo? What do you hope to see in horror programming in the coming new year?

-Larissa Mrykalo