FEARNET.com Opens 'The Vault' and Begins Streaming Uncut Horror Classics

Starting this Thursday, January 23 and running through until Thursday, March 27, FEARNET.com is bringing fans of horror the ultimate grindhouse experience. They're opening The Vault and bringing some of the biggest names in the genre into your homes by highlighting 10 free-to-view films from filmmakers Dario Argento, George Romero, Lucio Fulci, William Lustig, and Gary Sherman. A new film will be uploaded each week so you could not only enjoy the films at home, but also when you're on the road.

It gets better. Viewers will have the option to watch the films in “The Vault” with special picture-in-picture, on-screen guest commentary made exclusively for FEARNET. No need to run out and buy a DVD to get special features! Guests providing their insight include: actors Ted Raimi ("Drag Me To Hell"), Amber Benson ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), Derek Mears ("Friday the 13th"), and A.J. Bowen ("You're Next"); filmmakers Mike Mendez ("Big Ass Spider"), Drew Daywalt ("Camera Obscura"), and Dave Parker ("The Hills Run Red"); and journalists Brian Collins ("Badass Digest") Rebekah McKendry ("Fangoria"), and Ryan Turek ("Shock Till You Drop").

Sarah Shannon, FEARNET’s vice president, programming and network operations elaborates, “By airing these groundbreaking films exclusively on our website, we wanted to make them widely available to fans, both old and new—giving them a chance to re-connect with the classics they fell in love with, while introducing a new generation of viewers to some of the genre’s most influential titles. FEARNET.com is one of the few places you can see these films for free, in full HD, completely uncut and uncensored.”

Here's the line-up:

· Lucio Fulci’s ‘ZOMBIE’ – Thursday, January 23
A woman’s search for her father leads to the cursed island of Matool, where a mysterious outbreak of the undead has ravaged the population.

· Dario Argento’s ‘DEEP RED’ – Thursday, January 30
A music teacher investigating the gruesome death of a psychic suddenly finds himself stalked by her killer.

· Gary Sherman’s ‘DEAD & BURIED’ – Thursday, February 6
Grisly murders plague a coastal New England town, as its inhabitants fall under the control of a madman.

· George Romero’s ‘THE CRAZIES’ (1973) – Thursday, February 13
As a rage virus overtakes a small town, unaffected residents fight for survival against their deranged neighbors and government officials who seek to contain the sickness… at any cost.

· Dario Argento’s ‘THE STENDHAL SYNDROME’ – Thursday, February 20
A policewoman (Asia Argento) tracking a serial killer in Italy begins to suffer from bouts of dizziness and hallucinations, brought on by viewing great works of art.

· William Lustig’s ‘UNCLE SAM’ – Thursday, February 27
On the 4th of July, a Desert Storm vet rises from the dead to take revenge on the unpatriotic citizens of his hometown.

· Dario Argento’s ‘OPERA’ – Thursday, March 6
A burgeoning opera singer is terrorized by a sadistic psychopath, forced to watch as those around her are killed.

· Dario Argento & George Romero’s ‘TWO EVIL EYES’ – Thursday, March 13
Two of the genre’s greatest icons team up, bringing to life two terrifying tales from Edgar Allan Poe. In George Romero’s “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar,” a conniving wife (Adrienne Barbeau) and her lover use hypnosis to steal money from her ailing husband. But things do not go as planned when the man dies, leaving his spirit trapped in a void between the living and the dead. In Dario Argento’s “The Black Cat,” a crime scene photographer’s (Harvey Keitel) life becomes a tangled web of murder when his girlfriend brings home a stray black cat.

· William Lustig’s ‘MANIAC’ (1980) – Thursday, March 20
A serial killer (Joe Spinell) prowls the streets of New York in a spiral of madness that compels him to murder prostitutes, using their scalps to dress his collection of mannequins.

· Dario Argento’s ‘CAT O’ NINE TAILS’ – Thursday, March 27
A blind journalist (Karl Malden) works with a newspaper reporter to solve a series of slayings connected to a pharmaceutical company’s top-secret project.

Let us know if you'll be watching and be sure to write a "Thank You" note to FEARNET for providing such a generous and kick ass line-up! Just kidding ... enjoy the horror!

-Larissa Mrykalo