'Grimm' Recap: 'Eyes Of The Beholder'

Courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: “I am glad ‘tis night, you do not look on me, for I am much ashamed of my exchange.”

Gang violence has found the Grimm. Or rather he’s found himself in the middle of a gang fight. One side is definitely Wesen. Wouldn’t that kind of be a pack? Anyway, a really big Wesen who happens to be a high roller in the local gang gets beaten to death in the parking lot of a diner. The only witness is a young man who was there waiting for his girlfriend to get off work. Of course, as Jared flees, another customer takes one look at him and pegs him as the killer. Jared turns out to be the little brother of Zuri, Hank’s physical therapist. Yes, the same one that shot Hank down last week when he asked her out.

Alicia, the secret Fuschbau is still staying with Nick and Juliette. As expected, Nick tells Juliette that Alicia’s a Wesen. He does it in a in a diner while Alicia is in the restroom. That totally seems like a conversation that needs to happen in a public place. He really has no sense, does he? He advises that Alicia might freak out if she finds out he’s a Grimm. Of course, Juliette is freaking out herself and so begins acting oddly around Alicia, who decides to get her own place. Wouldn’t you? I mean Juliette has improved this season, but she’s still kind of annoying. When Juliette tries to let the Fuschbau out of the bag and tell Alicia that she “knows," the poor woman acts like she doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about. She then flees upstairs leaving Juliette to wring her hands in the kitchen.

On the gang front, we find out that the new gang in town is called the 7th Street Savages from Seattle. The big Wesen that was killed was in the Northend Cru. They’re the local gang whose members are all Yaguarette (Jaguars). Guess The Savages are looking to expand their territory? I was hoping they were migrating, but they’re just normal humans. How boring. Guess how Nick and Hank find all of this out? Rosalee, of course. That girl’s got all kinds of secrets. Apparently, during her dark years she used to buy drugs from the Northend Cru. Just to be clear, we aren’t talking her medicinal ones either. Seriously, what would Nick do without Monroe and Rosalee? It’s getting a little ridiculous, if you ask me. And once again, Monroe has one tiny little scene the entire episode. This needs to change. Who’s with me?

Anyway, as bad luck would have it, the Savages aren’t stupid. They go after Jared’s little waitress girlfriend to find out where he lives. As good luck would have it, Hank was on the phone with Zuri trying to chat her up, when the bad guys come calling. He and the cavalry get there just in the nick of time. The pair fingers the gang members from a book of mugshots and then get bundled off to a safe house. Hank wastes no time in kicking Wu out of the house while he stays the night, to protect and serve you know. When morning dawns, Zuri awakens to Jared screaming, but it’s only because he’s kicking Hank’s butt in a video game. Of course, that’s not where Hank is trying to score the bonus points. It would appear he racks up enough points to keep him in the game though.

Juliette never has the best timing. She waits until Alicia comes downstairs for breakfast and despite Nick hushing her, tells Alicia that he’s a Grimm. Which means they know lots of Wesen, right? As Juliette has repeatedly been told would happen, Alicia freaks out and runs frantically through the house to the door. Nick catches her in the open doorway and is trying to assure her that he isn’t going to hurt her, when her abusive husband pops up behind him. Get this, Joe knocks him down with one little blow. Really, Nick? I thought he was supposed to be Super Grimm. Anyway, Joe then grabs the screaming Alicia, so Juliette starts attacking him. She basically kicks his ass with a frying pan. Alicia jumps in and between the two of them might have managed to kill him if Nick hadn’t finally reappeared with a gun. He cuffs the low life loser, who is properly terrified of the Grimm. I’m glad to see someone is still scared of him.

Back at the safe house, Hank is busy chatting up Zuri so Jared steals his phone to call his girlfriend. This is where he finds out the bad guys have her. Obviously, he runs off to save her and gets caught. Unsurprisingly, Zuri and Jared end up being Yagaurette too. In fact, sweet little Zuri ends up ripping out the throat of the lead gangster while her little brother escapes with his girlfriend. Don’t worry, Hank thinks its fine that she killed someone. Since he can’t date her if she’s in prison, Nick lets her go and decides that they will just say they found the body that way. Of course.

The inconsistent moral decisions are really starting to get on my nerves. Also, I think there are more Wesen in town, than normals. But, alas, it’s all in vain. Zuri still dumps Hank. That poor man needs to start dating humans. Did he learn nothing from his time with Adalind? Speaking of which, we have no sign of her this week, but the previews would imply she might be having that baby soon! That should be a bundle of pure Wesen joy, don't you think?

The next episode of "Grimm," “The Good Soldier” airs Friday, January 17 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.