MTV Debuts 'Wolf Watch' Following Winter Premiere of 'Teen Wolf'

Courtesy THR
Not only does "Teen Wolf" return to MTV tonight at 10 p.m. ET to begin wrapping up its third season, but it will be followed by the new talk show, "Wolf Watch." An announcement that the bloody good supernatural drama series was renewed for a fourth season was made back in October at New York Comic Con. MTV also revealed that the half-hour talk show, hosted by Jill Wagner, who plays Kate Argent on the series, will air after.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's report in October, "'Wolf Watch' will offer more insight into 'Teen Wolf,' touching on topics such as its mythology, romances and bromances. Appearances by other castmembers as well as celebrity fans are expected." This follows on the heels of other wrap-up programs such as AMC's "Talking Dead."

But what about the rest of "Teen Wolf"'s third season? Recently, Entertainment Weekly sat down with Tyler Posey ("Scott McCall") who promised that the remainder of the season will be "intense" and  "unforgettable." When Tyler was asked about the tone of the remaining season three episodes, he described it as not only "crazier" thanks to doing things they never have before, but he also promised that it will be slower, thus lending itself a "very creepy, horror film-ish element to the show." A huge emotional element will also come into play when Scott's missing father returns.

Tyler also said that even though he still gets wolfy, "Stiles" will "definitely the center of attention this round." Tyler adds that his character comes to grips with the fact that he and "Allison" are no longer romantically involved. However, we'll see their friendship growing, thus making them a great team. He reveals, "You see everyone this season become this huge team and this full-on pack. Not a normal werewolf pack, but you have a Banshee, you have a hunter, you have Stiles, plus a couple werewolves. It’s a really cool dynamic to play."

The interview closes with the question, "What have you not gotten to do yet as Scott that you’d love to try?" Tyler adds, "I think we kind of dabbled in him being evil, but I think watching him be influenced by somebody to turn evil would be a really cool storyline. We’ve never really done that. In the first season there was one episode where we kind of did it, but I wasn’t good at acting then, so I think it’d be a lot more fun to play now!"

Watch "Teen Wolf" tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV followed by "Wolf Watch." Let us know what you think of the winter premiere and the debut of the after show.

-Larissa Mrykalo