News on the 'Pin' Remake

In 2011, it looked as if the 1988 horror flick, Pin, was headed towards a remake, but nothing ever came to fruition. Fast forward a few years, and it looks as if the creepy doll will be brought back to life this year!

According to Bloody Disgusting, director of the original film, Sandor Stern, will be returning to direct and co-write the remake with Jack Reher and Nicholas Bogner acting as producer. This time around, the team will be basing the film off of Andrew Neiderman's book of the same name. The original film starred Terry O'Quinn, and for those who haven't seen it, here is a brief plot summary:

Meet Pin, a harmless mute and lifeless fantasy in little Leon's mind - a fantasy that initially took form when Leon's father imparted life lessons to him through the use of an anatomical dummy. At first a source of amusement and comfort, Pin demonically evolves into the object of Leon's mad fixation. Soon, Leon and Pin quietly but thoroughly eliminate anyone who intrudes into their private world.

Stay tuned for more details!

-Nowal Massari