Fox's 'Gotham' to Feature Classic Characters

Fox's new drama "Gotham" just got a little more interesting. Originally described as an origin story of Commissioner James Gordon, it seems as if things have changed.

Initially, the show had little to do with Bruce Wayne, but Fox Chairman Kevin Reilly revealed some new twists during an interview at the Television Critics Association press tour. Not only will audiences be getting a healthy dose of the future hero of Gotham, they will also be getting insight into the villains as well.

"We see Detective Gordon, before he's a commissioner, all the characters you know, Bruce Wayne, the Penguin, all of them. It's Gotham teetering on the edge, and we see what makes these characters become who they are, [like] Catwoman. It's an operatic soap that has a slightly larger-than-life quality to it," Reilly stated.

The show looks as if it will now be following Bruce throughout his adolescence until he first dons his iconic cape. When asked about the future Dark Knight's age, he informed the press that "we're playing with [age] in casting, he'll be a young boy; my guess would be somewhere around 12."

If the format for "Gotham" seems familiar, it is. The dramatic origin story of Kryptonian hero, Superman, hit the small screen in 2001 with "Smallville." Though it appears that "Gotham" will be leaning towards the Christopher Nolan series, as far as tone goes.

The pilot has been given the green light and will be directed by Danny Cannon, produced by Warner Bros., with Bruno Heller acting as writer and Executive Producer. With the full intention of a complete series, writing of the show will begin in February 2014.

-Nowal Massari