Norman Reedus Approves Of 'Walking Dead' Porn Parody

But is it necrophilia if they're UNdead?
This summer, Burning Angel Entertainment brought adult audiences the porn of an (un)lifetime with "The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody." Starring Joanna Angel, Kleio Valentine and Danny Wylde, the skin-flick promised to fulfill all of your fan-fiction fantasies, and then some!

The website provides a tongue-in-cheek description; "After months in a hospital bed, County Sheriff Rick woke up from a coma and quickly realized the world had been overrun by Zombies. One odd notion was especially troubling; these zombies are hungry for brains and sex! A j*** shot was the only sure-fire way to return these undead creatures to the grave! Viewers will find out if Lori gets with Shane or Rick, if Michonne and Andrea get together, and if Daryl shoots his bow."

To add to the greatness of this whole zombie/Walking Dead phenomena, it appears that Burning Angel's parody has found a fan in none other than Daryl Dixon himself, Norman Reedus. During an AMC Q&A for "The Walking Dead" in Singapore, Reedus revealed that he had in fact watched the parody and thought that Owen Gray (Daryl) did "a good job."

“I had hoped and dreamed of a cast member of AMC’s The Walking Dead to see the Porn Parody we made – but I didn’t think it would ever actually happen,[...]Thank you Norman Reedus for taking time out of your busy zombie killing schedule to watch our porn,” star and owner of Burning Angel Entertainment, Joanna Angel stated.

If you've yet to catch it, "The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody" is available for purchase over at Diabolik for $21.99 and is packed with over two and a half hours of shambling, sexy, Norman Reedus approved fun!

-Nowal Massari