Zak Bagans of "Ghost Adventures" Purchases Possessed Home

The Indianapolis Star recently published a story about LaToya Ammons, a woman who has claimed that she and her family were possessed by demons in their Gary, Indiana home. After the story went viral, media outlets around the world (including film makers) have been clamoring to speak to Ammons, her family and anyone else involved, however she has only consented to do an interview with "Inside Edition."

Though the Ammons family currently reside in Indianapolis, their allegations of demonic activity in the Carolina Street house ranging from hundreds of black flies, levitation, wall crawling and exorcisms, it's no surprise that the interests of the masses have been piqued. Including that of paranormal investigator and TV personality, Zak Bagans.

The current owner of the home, and former landlord to the Ammons family, has decided to sell the property for $35,000, and Bagans has decided to buy it. "It's not entertainment, [...] I really do have a passion for this stuff and the research aspect of this stuff," he revealed to the Indiana Star.

"Ghost Adventures" guest and clergyman, Bishop James Long, took to his Facebook earlier to confirm the news of Bagans' new real estate venture. "There has been a lot of chatter about Zak Bagans buying this house that allegedly had Demonic activity in it. I have also been getting a lot of emails asking me if I knew anything about it. I have spoken with Zak and I CAN confirm that he HAS purchased the home and plans to do a documentary on it." 

As of now,  Bagans will be using the home for paranormal research and a new documentary. Currently, there are no plans to feature the home on "Ghost Adventures." 

-Nowal Massari