'Teen Wolf' Recap: 'Anchors'

Courtesy: EW

Ah, Beacon Hills, I’ve missed you. When last we left our little Wolf Pack, they had managed to defeat The Alpha Pack and Jennifer the Evil Druid Girl, and then save their parents from being ritually sacrificed. What could possibly go wrong now? A lot I bet!

The back half of season three wastes no time introducing some major creep factor. As a new day dawns in Beacon Hills, our group of supernatural sophomores prepare to go to school after a few weeks off. They deserve it after all the ritualistic dying and having to throw down with Deucalion. Scott, Stiles, and Allison are each have disturbing side effects from their experience as virtual sacrifices. I imagine being mostly dead would cause problems for some people.

Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) is having terrifying dreams that always lead him back to the Nemeton, the old tree stump that holds supernatural powers. It has been described as something of a beacon for the supernatural. Since they gave power back to the it during the ritual, there’s no telling what or whom will show up now. Stiles’ nightmares have progressed to the point where he can’t tell if he’s awake or dreaming anymore. This is punctuated by his increasing inability to read, a feature of dreams, even when he is awake. Scott (Tyler Posey) keeps seeing his shadow becoming a werewolf, even when he isn’t transforming. And Allison (Crystal Reed) is having creepily threatening hallucinations of her dead aunt Kate. Yes, Kate the uber Hunter that was killed in season one by Peter. She also has the shakes so bad she can’t use her spectacular marksmanship skills.

Scott has also developed a slightly more humorous problem in the form of Isaac. He now lives with Scott and his mom (Melissa Ponzio). As seen before the winter break, Isaac has some special feelings about Allison. Even though Scott and Allison are no longer together, Scott is still feeling a little perturbed by this. He has taken to throwing Isaac out of the room to slam him into the hall. Of course, Isaac keeps bringing it up, so he’s not really helping. Mama McCall is finding having two supernatural teenagers in the house to be hard on the furniture. Luckily for everyone, Isaac’s obsession with Allison leads to him saving Lydia when Allison hallucinations cause her to attack her friend. Personally, I think Isaac can have Allison. Especially, as it looks like Scott may have found a new object of affection in Kira, the new “new girl” in school.

After Scott almost wolfs out in the middle of the hallway and Stiles thinks everyone around him is using sign language, they seek out the wise Deaton for advice. He explains to them that they opened a door in their minds during the ritual. Unfortunately, this door is still ajar. He tells them that they have to close the door or really bad things are going to happen. Kira inadvertently makes this worse by overhearing the group talking at school. She tells them about a Tibetan term called "bardo." It describes a place between life and death where one can be visited by demons. Unfortunately, the final stage of bardo appears to be death. So, that should probably be avoided.

Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) is having his own problems. Now that he knows about the existence of werewolves and other supernatural nasties, he is starting to rethink a lot of his old cases. This is doubly important as Scott’s dad is still in town and he’s trying to get the Sheriff fired. So the Stilinskis approach Scott to help solve an old case, hoping that this will help save his job. Eight years ago, a woman and her two daughters were killed in a car accident. The bodies were covered in bite marks and scratches, but one of the girls was never found. It was assumed that her body was dragged away by coyotes.

Only now the Sheriff thinks it may have been a werewolf. Scott is unable to get a proper scent of the girl from her home. However, after finding out what his father is doing to his best friend’s family, he shows up at Stiles’ house and tells him they are going to find a dead body. It’s a reversal of the adventure that started them off in the very first episode of Season One. They traipse off into the creepy woods looking for the ravine where the car was wrecked. Amazingly, they find it with the help of a handy dandy GPS app. They also find some claw marks on the car that definitely look like werewolf claws. Suddenly a growl comes from the darkness and Scott gives chase. It turns out to be a small wolf with glowing blue eyes. It looks like we’ve found our missing little girl, Mila. Now, was she a werewolf before the accident or after?

As Scott and Stiles are gallivanting around in the woods, Allison is having some personal time with Isaac. Things are getting pretty heated when her dead aunt slips a garrote around his neck. Allison wakes up screaming at this point. I’m disappointed, but at least Isaac is still alive.  While Allison is having her creepy dream, two of our missing crew are living their own nightmare. We are treated to a scene with Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Peter (Ian Bohen) shirtless and tied to a chain link fence in a basement. This is a scenario we have seen before when Kate tortured Derek back in season one, so perhaps it’s a Hunter. It could be Gerard again I suppose. The old buzzard still hasn’t had the decency to die yet.

Allison’s dad hasn’t been seen this episode either, but I doubt Mr. Argent (JR Bourne) would resort to this. As a hand flips the switch the electrical shocks start. After the initial screams, the two werewolves seem somewhat exasperated. It would appear that Peter has done something stupid that landed them in this predicament. I can’t wait to find out what it is, especially since Peter revealed that he was an Alpha in the mid-season finale. And let’s not forget that Derek gave up his alphaness to save his sister, so where is she I wonder?

This new half of the season promises to be much darker than the previous seasons. I was definitely getting a much creepier feel to this episode. The previews for the rest of the season also seem to have a very Asian flair to them, which looks very interesting. So, what did you think about the new vibe in beacon Hills?

The next episode of "Teen Wolf," “More Bad Than Good,” airs Monday, January 13 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.