'Being Human' Recap: 'Cheater of the Pack'

Photos Courtesy Syfy

Wow. So, that happened. Let's do this.

Was the first pack turning successful? I guess it depends on if by successful you mean Josh waking up next to someone who was not Nora but the pack leader's wife then yes, yes it was. We thought Josh was neurotic before? Oh man, that was just JV stuff.

Aidan is coming down off of his bender when Nora and Josh come back. Sally's brother Robbie chooses then to show up to deliver the news that they either buy the house in 30 days or vacate as Sally's father wants to unload it. Seeing as Josh doesn't currently have a job, it's going to be a little tough to come up with the $300,000 Robbie is asking for it as-is. Nora is seduced by the picture of domesticity presented by the other couples in the pack. Maybe this is their chance to start their own lives. Meanwhile Sally will go to any measure to save the house: floating lamps, rattling pipes, have Aidan eat people...you know, the usual tactics. But what might be the best plan for Sally and Aidan is not necessarily the best plan for Josh and Nora.

Out of blood at the house, Aidan kind of stumbles along to the blood parlor where Suzanna confronts him for his weakness as she knows everything about his blood binge. I guess it's romantic that your ex-wife keeps tabs on your habits. They go for a walk when she gets right to the heart of it. Aidan is afraid to be alone as that humanizes him and losing the house will remove his last tether to humanity. It's a good thing he's out, because Robbie chooses then to start showing the house. He's a terrible realtor when Sally sabotages any potential sale by unleashing a ghastly smell, ostensibly from the sink. Sally - 1, Robbie - 0. This time the magic whisks her back to 2009 when she and Danny (hello, asshole blast from the past) are first moving in. Robbie doesn't like Danny or the house but Sally wouldn't listen to him.

Josh arranges a meeting with Wendy who is not shy about advertising her goods.  He's distraught over what happened in their wolf forms. She's going to tell Mark because they should embrace their wolves as a forward thinking pack. Their wolves are separate but Josh believes that they are accountable for some of what their wolves do. This will be a problem, but Wendy displays an iota of intelligence by telling Josh to make peace with his wolf before it eats him alive.

House showing number two goes smoothly until the young child (who looks a LOT like Isaac) goes into a room upstairs where there is something in the closet that attacks him. Sally? Suzanna? Lil Smokie? Sally - 2, Robbie - 0. Or is it?

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Robbie starts the repair work on the house in earnest and begins by sticking his hand down the garbage disposal because sketchy plumbing and electricity make this an excellent idea. Josh and Nora argue about leaving Boston versus staying and I'm already bored with the whole thing.

Aidan goes with Suzanna to a bar where she works and she plies him with shots. I thought you were supposed to be helping him with his addiction there, not enabling him. Josh shows up and confesses to Aidan about the pack leader's wife. These two are worse than any group of girls with the drinking and complaining about their lives. Josh wants to tell Nora, Aidan isn't so keen on the idea and advises that maybe this is a good secret to keep as it would hurt her. Suzanna, flashing back to Isaac, would agree.

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Sally is still in 2009, her own personal circle of hell watching Danny and Robbie jockey for position in the kitchen. Robbie is the only one who sees what a creep Danny is, but Sally is blinded by love. Ghost Sally wants Robbie to bitchslap Danny but empty threats are all he has. Aidan is still at the bar with Suzanna who puts the most adorable whammy on two drunk guys trying to hit on her. He's drunk and turned on and single now. He starts to vamp out but Suzanna is not that kind of girl- er, vampire, so his eyes clear and they get it on the old-fashioned way. Aidan may not be addicted to blood but to sex given the amount he gets.

Because Josh has a track record of not ever listening to good advice, he's on the verge of confessing to Nora when he's interrupted, first by Robbie still fixing the damn pipes then by Mark, who apparently wasn't as enlightened as his wife thought. 

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Mark is pissed, Wendy is guilty and scared, Nora is bewildered and hurt and Josh is guilty and mad and protective pretty much unbelieving that Wendy would do that. Mark throws Nora and Josh partially wolfs out, ready to pound Mark into the floor. (Can't you just hear Robbie bemoan needing to fix something else?)

Back in the bar, Aidan is jonesing for more blood; but Suzanna cuts him off.  She offers to be his BA (Bloodaholics Anonymous) sponsor. She wants him off the red stuff; she'll help him detox and can talk him through it. Aidan counters with he'll quit blood if she'll quit being a vigilante against her own kind. He's ready to take control of his unlife and be strong. Okay but if he slips, she will be ruthless. Oh Aidan, I'm going to have to take Suzanna and the points on this one.

Josh is beyond remorseful but Nora can't process it -she's been completely betrayed. The wolf is winning and doesn't seem to care who or what it hurts. I'm with Nora on this one; after everything she has done to help him, all Josh has done is push her away literally and figuratively. He's trying but it may be too little too late. Robbie proves to be the worst home improvement guy ever by reaching into the pipe with his bare hand lacerating it when something shakes the water heater pipes loose leaking water over the floor. He doesn't hear this as his headphones are cranked up to 11. By the time the water reaches him, the same mysterious force dislodges the plugged in power tool from the workbench which lands in the water and electrocutes him. Sally is pissed but as she's still trapped in 2009, it's clearly not her. Who wants to keep Robbie from selling the house?

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Nora has moved onto profound sadness and loss and tells Josh to get some sleep. Aidan meanwhile, does his sexy stumble around Boston, coming on some drunk girls who flirt with him. He smiles and turns away clearly thinking "Ha! I knew I could do it."

After locking up the bar, Suzanna encounters one of the drunk guys she shooed out of the bar when another vampire makes for him. We think she's going to interfere but doesn't, holding up her end of the bargain though it cost her when we see Aidan making a panicked phone call to the morgue - he is covered in blood next to the dead girl he made eyes at on his walkabout. Dammit Aidan.

Sally flashes back to the present and vows to make it up to Robbie after finally understanding that he was only trying to protect her from Danny, not realizing that he's now a ghost too. Oh, snap.

Be sure to tune in to a new episode of "Being Human" next Monday, February 24 at 9 ET/8 CT when Sally swallows her pride, summoning Donna to save Robbie over everyone's objections and Suzanna punishes Aidan for being weak. And we all know how Suzanna punishes weakness.