'Being Human' Recap: 'Gallows Humor'


Previously, Aidan fell off the wagon, Josh slept with the pack leader's wife and a mysterious force killed Sally's brother Robbie.

Coming down off of his bloodlust high, Aidan calls Kenny for help in cleaning up his mess then hightails it out of there back to the house where Josh and Nora have found Ghost Robbie and Sally in the basement. Robbie's not dealing with the whole being dead thing too well but at least he's not alone; vampires, witches and werewolves, oh my! Welcome to the club Robbie. Of course Sally wants to resurrect him - magic has been so easy and uncomplicated in the past after all, but she'll need to get Donna. And to get Donna, she needs the death spot. To the Shop-Mart my good man!

Aidan meanwhile heads off to see Suzanna and charms her for a hit of the 70 ml of blood she gets by on daily. Strangely enough, he doesn't react well to it. Safe to say that she is well aware of his...indiscretion of the previous evening. Aidan, she told you before she knows everything; she is a woman after all. Oh, and the fact that he reeks of blood and is as high as a kite. That might have something to do with it too.

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Nora, who has had a really bad 24 hours, is left with babysitting Ghost Robbie while trying to process the ultimate betrayal may have reached her helpful limit. Donna is less that excited about returning through her death spot. Hey! Grumpy twinsies! Sally tells Donna about the time traveling and says it's only bad when you end up seeing something you don't want to see ... like Donna's death. Oops. Sorry. My bad.

Aidan awakes to find himself chained to a sink as Suzanna is going to forcibly detox him from the ultimate vampire experience of draining a human to nothing. Well. This is sure to be pleasant as his first step is to remember the name of his latest kill. Suzanna wants him to acknowledge what he's done and do them the justice of remembering their names as that is what will humanize him. In classic form, he roars that blood is the only thing that makes him feel good. Oh, this is going to be a long day. Good thing they both have all the time in the world.

Strangely enough, Donna was not a witch when she was convicted and hung for witchcraft. That didn't happen until the local coven sacrificed a girl to bring her back zombie-free. Sally is quite interested in this to help Robbie but oh, if you use the magic too much, you run the risk of being trapped int the past forever. The tether could snap. Just so you know.

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Aidan is still detoxing and listing the names of everyone's he's ever killed. He's playing it cocky, hey look at me, I'm a badass. Suzanna is disgusted but somehow keeps calm so she's much better at interventions than I am as I find myself wanting to stake Aidan with extreme prejudice.

Donna knows what Sally wants, to save Robbie and talks to her about how the magic became a crutch. To do so, they would need to create a pathway  of energy between the living world and the plane of death. Sally finally understands that it would require a sacrifice and won't do it. Good job Sally, way to show some personal growth. Donna is pleased with her progress as it's the first sensible thing she's done since Donna ate her and offers her own soul to bring Robbie back. Robbie, however, is still ambivalent. Nora advises taking his door as soon as he sees it as it has to be better than to be trapped in the house with all of them. I...can't disagree with you there Nora.

Robbie and Sally have a heart to heart; she finally saw him standing up to Danny and thanks him. She can bring him back to life but he's screwed up so many times, he's afraid. Maybe it's better this way. He asks Donna for advice but it's up to him to decide if he's worth another chance. Donna appears to be sincere and ... kind. Sally did go to the right death spot, didn't she?

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Sally is ready to perform the ceremony but ... Robbie isn't. According to Donna, he took off....but was it true? Is she back to her soul-eating ways? Donna says that maybe he wanted to put an end to the cycle of futility; that it does happen. Sally is despondent but Donna needs her help now. She doesn't want to come back to this plane again and needs Sally to seal off her death spot.  She wants Sally to promise that she'll never use the magic again but Sally bargains for only on special occasions. Aw, it seems like they finally bonded. Donna touches Sally face in a motherly caress but there appeared to be some energy exchanged there. . Sally performs the spell wishes her to find peace. Bye Donna, you really were the baddest bitch. Where to next Sally?

Aidan is still detoxing, listing his kills and trying to justify his actions because this is what they are. He talks about a girl that made him remember Suzanna and hate himself for how horrified she would be if she knew what he had become. No one could possible hate themselves and much as he does. Ladies and gents, I think we've had a breakthrough.  He begs for forgiveness and she undoes his chains ... and confesses that she has the same self-loathing for her very first kill - their son.

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Aidan takes it ... poorly. She is brutal in her honesty; she has to be -- because of what they are she drained every last drop from Isaac's tiny body. He picks up the stake and goes to kill her but doesn't. It's a relief that she can finally confess the truth and they can grieve together.  But while one couple is coming back together, another is being driven apart. Josh comes into the room to see Nora sleeping, he hates himself and misses her so much . Nora seems to begin to forgive him but after a quick caress of his face she tells him to go. He doesn't listen and begins to force himself on her. She yells and hits him so he begins to wolf out. Terrified, she pulls a silver knife on him and shocked by himself and what he was going to do, Josh finally leaves. Y'all, seriously: no means no. Josh is a mensch of the highest order but I'm really not liking the turn he's taken this season. Get over yourself son.

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Nora does the first sensible thing she's done in a long time: she's leaving. She's scared of Josh. He has to find a way to deal with his wolf because she can't anymore. Sally finds herself back in 2010 - talking to herself and mocking pretty much everything she used to do. She's convinced that the tether snapped and she's trapped there ... on the night that Danny killed her. Will she interfere? Will she change the past? Seeing as this is Sally, we can be pretty confident that the answer to both of these questions is an unequivocal 'yes'.

So, some big things went down this week. How will Suzanna's  revelation of Isaac's true fate affect her and Aidan? Will this be the push he needs to quit the blood binges? Did Robbie actually choose to move on through his door or did Donna interfere? Josh has to man up now, can he live with himself for hurting Nora so?

Next week on "Being Human": Sally jumps into her past self to deal with Danny which will have far-reaching consequences of the 'my friends aren't my friends because none of this ever happened' alternate reality kind.