'Being Human' Recap: 'Pack It In, Pack It Up'

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Previously on 'Being Human': Aidan chased Suzanna out of town and, Josh and Nora delivered a were-baby and Sally may have bitten off more than she could chew...metaphorically. Let's do this.

Aidan's big reveal of his true nature to Kat does not go as planned as first she thinks he's crazy and is now scared, not of the relationship but of him. After threatening him with a steak knife she tells him to leave and he does, so score one for personal growth. She just needs some time Aidan; a millenia or so should do it.

Josh and Nora visit new parents Caroline and Andrew who are hosting another happy wolfy couple. Sadly though, even in a group of wolves Josh is still an outsider. The baby, April, is doing great but Caroline is still processing things; they didn't get to do any of the fun prep as it all happened so fast. Nora impulsively offers to throw them a baby shower. Josh is more worried about Alpha Mark and his wife, Wendy, trying to dominate him. Yay for neuroses not being dead!

Aidan mopes around the house with Josh helpfully reminding him that this is the first time he's been dumped in 200 years. Um, thanks Josh. He retires to his room where the ghosts of the girls he brought for a recuperating Henry taunt him until Sally banishes them to Aidan's dismay. They were holding him accountable, dammit! In the middle of his epic flip-out, Sally disappears. Guess the DeLorean hit 88 mph.

Downstairs, planning for the baby shower is underway with Josh adorably trying to pronounce spanakopita when his sister Emily shows up fresh from rehab needing a place to stay. The night of the werewolf baby shower? No problem.

Aidan wanders the streets seeing happy couples everywhere. Because Kenny has a death wish, he's been following Aidan who's been dodging his calls. Aidan's woes are romantic in nature but buck up, Special K is here to give break up advice. As Step One has already been accomplished with the lonely walk around town, it's on to Step Two - drown your sorrows. Kenny has a fridge packed with bagged blood and because Aidan makes terrible decisions, he goes to Kenny's.

Emily makes small talk with Andrew and Caroline, it's cool you're werewolves, I'm an alcoholic. Oh, goody, Alpha Mark is here...along with his 40 closest friends and two cases of beer. If all the pack leader is going to bring is two lousy cases then they might want to rethink their leadership. It's now more like a pack gathering thing than a baby shower as nothing says 'Tough Werewolves' like pink balloons and streamers. Andrew and Caroline now have their daughter to worry about so joining the pack is good for them. Josh wants no part of it. Oh, Josh, have you even met your wife?

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The pack party baby shower is in full swing when Sally reappears after spending four days in 2001 watching Josh and Julia getting know each other and has nothing but praise for his efforts. Emily struggles with all of the booze around but doesn't crack. Alpha Mark makes a toast to baby April which quickly becomes a yay werewolves speech when...hey Aidan and Kenny, how's it going!?

As Aidan's very good at reading a crowd,  he and Kenny break out a rap to loosen things up. He's dancing with Sally and really drunk so clearly still on Step Two. (Do your remember the scene in 'Angel' where Angel and Wesley went to the party with Cordelia and they broke out the awful dancing? It's like that, times 100.)

Kenny tries to make small talk with the wolves and fails. Mark is less than thrilled with vampires crashing the party so Josh explains things to him and if he doesn't like it then they can all get the hell out. Mark smirks that they'll stay. What's his game? Emily heads upstairs away from the party and the temptation and Sally follows her. She decides to do a spell so Emily can see and hear her but it doesn't seem to work. Good Lord, I've seen toddlers with better self control than Sally who finds she's been transported to the 1920s. As there's always a tie to her or her friends she looks around and spots Aidan...with Henry.

Aidan does the super awkward drunk oversharing with Kenny who tries to look interested but makes eye contact with a cute werewolf girl. Aidan hallucinates he sees Kat and just like that is not in the mood to party anymore. He wants what the wolves have - the chance to find love that won't result in a dusting or lies. He wants Kenny to wipe Kat from his mind; he can't live with this pain. Sorry Aidan, Kenny can't hear you...he's made a love connection of his own.

Back in the 1920s Sally follows Aidan and Henry with their ladyfolk and seriously, Sally? I don't care if Aidan does look like John Waters you are not going to like where they end up. They attack the girls to Sally's horror when another lady wanders by and sees them in full bloodlust. Aidan drunkenly dances up to her while Sally screams at the woman to run. When that doesn't work, Sally jumps into the woman just in time for Aidan to attack and she's completely repulsed and sickened by how much he enjoys it.

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Sally Quantum Leaps back to the party and can't even look at Aidan who is coming onto her hard. Emily comes back down and bumps into Kenny who is getting a beer for the werewolf girl, Astrid. Emily looks at him full on and sees past the glamour to his real visage. She freaks out as Kenny tries to calm her down and just makes things worse. How did he end up in charge of Boston again? The wolves jump into the fray and it becomes a melee; two vampires, the pack, the ghost and the alcoholic. Guess we found out what the spell Sally put on Emily actually did. The wolves clear out having been thoroughly thrashed, Emily is freaked, and the house is in shambles. Josh knows that Sally did something and she confesses she tried to allow Emily to be able to see her. Sally's intentions are good but when she suggests trying another spell she's damn lucky all Josh did was turn away. Josh and Nora discuss being part of the pack; she wants it, he doesn't. We all know how this is going to play out.

Aidan watches Kat and plays out going to her in his mind, hoping she'll accept him but in the end knowing that it's over and it's time to move on. Real grown-up closure. How refreshing.

Commercials!  There is show on Nat Geo called 'Wicked Tuna' and all I think is that I might be done with humanity.

Come morning, Emily is leaving, though Josh tries to convince her not to go. Right now Emily is too fragile to roll with anything more complex than a sandwich. Okay, other than giving an excuse to send Sally back to 1920, what purpose did this plot point serve? Speaking of Sally, she's hanging out staring at the TV when Aidan wanders in only halfway remembering the events of the previous evening. She didn't like who he used to be and is afraid of getting stuck in the past seeing Aidan kill and enjoy it. Maybe he deserves to go through this pain as penance. She finally realizes why he tries to do the right thing; to atone for the past. He's a good man now and asks him to stay that way so no
pressure Aidan.

Kenny comes by with Astrid to bring back the dog statue that's wearing a helmet. Now we know why no one is allowed to touch Tom Brady...he'll shatter like pottery if you do. They are actually cute together and of course Aidan counsels caution as their love can never be. She's got some mojo though so they aren't worried. Aidan decides to keep his memories of Kat as that humanizes him, feeling the pain. Aidan, son, we've made some amazing progress this week.

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Okay wolves, it's magic time! Nora gets her way (of course) and she and Josh head out to change with the pack. He's not sure but Nora wants the feeling of a family. Alpha Mark isn't overly thrilled but they make nice. Do they want to be there? Yes, they do. Excellent, welcome to the club and now everyone strip! Ain't no party like a werewolf party. I think we can be fairly certain that there will be a leadership battle between Josh and Mark as Mark doesn't appear to have any faith in the vampire-werewolf truce. Just wait until he finds out about Astrid and Kenny.

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