Bigfoot Video Captured in Alberta, Canada

Photo courtesy of FEARNET
Bigfoot just loves making his way into the news lately. Is he tired of hiding? Did this family enjoying a snowy walk in the woods of Calgary actually find some compelling evidence? Do we need to alert Dean Cain? So many questions...but aren't there always when it comes to this elusive cryptid?

Posted January 31 on and mentioned on, the video depicts a humanoid creature at the edge of the woods near a river and a little girl's voice proclaiming, "That is not a human." Their reactions indicated they truly weren't expecting to see such a creature during their walk and based on these reactions and the way the 22-second video was shot, it's hard to determine if this is an elaborate hoax.

It's a pretty compelling video but we'd love to know if the area was explored further. Were there hair samples taken or footprints captured? Check out both the original video and the slowed down version for a better look at the creature and let us know what you think.

-Larissa Mrykalo

Original Video:

Slowed down and stabilized video: