'Ghost Adventures' Season Nine Premiere Recap: 'Oman House'

Courtesy the Travel Channel

The guys of "Ghost Adventures" are back on a new night, with a new intro and ready for brand new lockdowns. The season nine premiere takes the crew to the Oman house in Los Angeles. The Benedict Canyon home is around 200ft. from where Sharon Tate was brutally murdered by the Manson family in 1969.

In August 1969, Sharon Tate, wife of director Roman Polanski ("Rosemary's Baby"), was two weeks from giving birth to her first child. She had a small group of friends join her in her home since her husband's return from London had been delayed. That night, followers of Charles Manson broke into the home and brutally murdered the entire group. Tate herself was stabbed 16 times. Charles Manson, 79, is in prison on the charge of conspiracy to commit the murders of seven people and murder through joint-responsibility. Originally sentenced to death, that sentence was changed to life in prison after the death penalty was abolished in the state of California. Manson now resides in Corcoran State Prison.

Sharon Tate, courtesy MPTV Images

Homeowner, David Oman, has experienced paranormal activity in the home since he can remember, leading him to produce a film ("House at the End of the Drive") about his experiences, including claiming the spirit of Sharon Tate is trying to communicate with him. Taking the crew on a tour of the house, the group goes to the third floor, where a former houseguest felt himself being pulled out of bed and towards the ceiling. There is extremely odd energy in the house, which makes people physically ill. Oman then takes the group into a different, unfinished room, where the floors are actually exposed earth from the hillside.

According to Oman, a dark energy resides in this room and he has been told that a Native American on horseback is buried there. Psychic/Medium, Mark Nelson, has investigated the home and feels that there are many Native American spirits in the area. Upon ending his interview he warns the crew to "tread lightly, be nice. There are victims here."

Continuing with interviews, the guys speak with James Oster, who worked on the film with David Oman. He conducted an investigation inside the home where a female sighing is caught on audio and video. The crew then meets up with Dre Fordham, a woman that has also investigated the Oman house. She says that the first time she went to the house, she saw a bleeding pregnant woman near the house. Dre states that after seeing this apparition, she was overcome with a horrendous feeling of nausea, and believes that she was seeing/feeling the energy of Sharon Tate. The next time she went to the house, she was overcome by feelings of nausea. About a week after the second investigation, she felt that same feeling in the grocery store, citing that the energy of the place made her extremely ill coupled with a terrible feeling of impending death, and that’s why she won’t ever return.

Interviewing Dr. Taff, courtesy the Travel Channel
Finally, the guys meet up with renowned parapsychologist, Dr. Barry Taff, miles from the Oman house. Despite investigating the house many times, he refuses to go anywhere near it, fearing for his health. The first time he visited the house, he passed out and during every subsequent visit he became extremely ill.

The area of Benedict Canyon is recognized by the National Geological Society as an “anomalous energy site,” where many inexplicable events have occurred, including paranormal activity. Dr. Taff states that he believes the location is a “geomagnetic anomaly,” or a hot spot, which could have something to do with the sick feelings most people occur when inside the residence. When asked about the paranormal activity inside the home, Dr. Taff says that they heard disembodied voices and captured light anomalies on still cameras.

Nick and Zak reveal that they felt ill when they entered the home, and Dr. Taff warns them that they should leave immediately if they feel sick during the lock down. The crew begin to weigh the pros and cons of this investigation, though ultimately they decide to go through with the investigation.

Before the lock down even officially begins, audio tech Jay Wasley captures a loud bang inside the empty house. Once inside the home the guys make their way downstairs, where they hear loud unexplained noises. Nick hears two knocks against a wall, but it’s not captured on the camera. However, his camera captures a light anomaly appearing to leave the area when Zak goes towards it. They decide to break out the SB7 and are almost immediately greeted with a female voice saying “Hey Nick.” For about 20 minutes they don’t receive any responses, until they go to the area where the exposed dirt is. The same female voice responds with a creepy “Hi.”

Zak is conducting more SB7 sessions away from Nick and Aaron, when suddenly they all feel an intense energy surrounding and shrouding them. Nick tells Aaron to turn his camera lights on because he feels like his stomach is burning. When he lifts up his shirt, he reveals a bright red welt. Obviously rattled, Nick heads to the garage where Jay is monitoring nerve center. Upon looking at it, the mark is definitely not a scratch, but appears to be a burn. When the commotion was happening, an anomaly that appears to be ectoplasm, is captured on film. Could this pre-apparition be responsible for the heavy feeling and Nick's burn?

Oman house exterior, courtesy the Travel Channel
After gaining composure, they head back inside to continue the investigation. Zak asks who put a mark on Nick and a male voice comes over the Spirit Box saying “I did.” While conducting the Spirit Box session, Billy Tolley is monitoring the cameras inside the house. Almost immediately after requesting that the entity they were speaking with throw something, a figurine on top of the aquarium topples over. This also happened earlier when Oman was giving them a tour of the home. Speaking with Billy over the walkie talkie, it is clear that there is no way for this to have happened on it’s own.

Suddenly feeling a horrible pain in his stomach, Nick steps outside again. Zak asks Jay if he hears anything in the house and he admits that he’s hearing footsteps and loud dragging sounds at the base of the stairs. After listening for himself, Zak asks Nick to return to the house to grab the Mel-meter to see if something is attached to him. Nick wants to send Aaron since his stomach is still killing him, but after some coercion, he returns to the house. Alone. Once inside the house, Nick pleads with the entities to leave him unharmed. He states that the energy down there is intense and then he sees someone in the room with him, but can't capture it on video.

Right before he says he sees a glowing white anomaly, three loud knocks come from within the room, which is purported to be demonic in nature and thought of as the mocking of the Holy Trinity. Nick begins to panic, and demands that Zak come into the house to get him. Before going inside, two separate strobe-like lights flickering towards Nick are captured on film, before disappearing into him. The crew head back into the house and before calling it a night, they change the angels of the cameras and capture one last ectoplasmic light anomaly in the bedroom where Nick felt the negative presence.

Lock down your Saturdays for season 9!
With the evidence collected, it is clear that there is something strange about the Oman house. Whether there are spirits/demonic forces or if it is sheerly the odd effects of the geological phenomena of Benedict Canyon, it is unclear. However, it is with absolute certainty that something disconcerting is going on there. The crew say that they don’t know how Oman lives there and that they worry for his safety, but he doesn’t appear to be bothered. While the episode aired, the gang held a live-Tweet session, where they all revealed that they felt odd for days after the lock down, and Nick even admitted that he doesn’t ever want to return to the house.

The ninth season of Ghost Adventures is certainly off to a solid start! Be sure to lock down your Saturday's from now on and tune in to the Travel Channel next week, when the Ghost Adventures Crew takes on the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana.