Purported UFO Abductee Stan Romanek Arrested For Child Porn Distribution

Self-proclaimed alien abductee Stanley Romanek was arrested in Colorado last week for alleged child pornography possession and distribution.

The 51-year-old Romanek, a well-known personality in the paranormal community, was arrested on felony charges of sexual exploitation of a child, reports the Reporter-Herald. The arrest warrant was issued Wednesday, Feb. 12 and Romanek turned himself in the following morning. The police report (shown here, with address redacted) reveals the arrest was the result of an eight-month long investigation based on tips provided by the Department of Homeland Security. The arrest follows a search warrant for Romanek's computer served in April 2013. He was released Thursday on a $20,000 personal recognizance bond.

Romanek, a Loveland, Colo. resident, is known for claims he was the victim of alien abduction, as well as the target of alien experimentation, implants and telepathic communication. He has also released what he said is video evidence, the controversial "Boo Video," which allegedly shows an an alien looking through a window into Romanek's kitchen. Though Romanek's claims begin in 2000, it was his appearance with the Boo Video on Larry King Live in 2003 that garnered him national attention. He has since appeared on ABC Primetime and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, as well as at numerous UFO conferences.

On her Facebook page, Romanek's wife Lisa stated he cannot access the Internet as a condition of his release, and his Facebook page has since been deleted. Lisa Romanek also said it is her husband's and her belief that their computer has been the focus of "harrassment, break-ins, hacking and remote access" and that "whoever has been accessing our system also left behind traces to verify the Office of Homeland Security tip that the police department received."

Speaking on behalf of her husband, Lisa Romanek further stated, "We will be taking UFOlogy into the courtroom. We know that this has EVERTING [sic]... to do with our being outspoken about the ET/UFO reality!"

-Aaron Sagers