Rutina Wesley from 'True Blood' Pays a Visit to 'Sesame Street'

This peek at Thursday's "Word on the Street" lesson on the meaning of "plan" sure doesn't suck thanks to "Sesame Street"'s latest guest star! Rutina Wesley, "Tara" from "True Blood," stopped by and joined Elmo and Abby for this quick bite. So if Abby gets bitten by a vampire does that make her a fairy-vamp like in the series?

Wesley told Entertainment Weekly that "...acting with puppets 'was new for me. It’s a lot of fun, but sometimes you don’t know quite who to talk to. Do I talk to the puppet, or do I talk to the person?'" She also revealed that Elmo was her favorite "Sesame Street" character. Abby was not pleased.

EW also managed to sneak some of the behind-the-scenes conversations...

Elmo: “Can we be on the show?”
Wesley: “I’ll see what I can do. Let’s exchange numbers.”

Abby: “I’m allergic to blood. Is that a problem?”
Wesley: “It might be.”
Joey Mazzarino, Sesame Street writer-director (who clearly knows his True Blood): “Abby, there’s synthetic blood. It’s like lactose-free milk.”

Abby: “The word is ‘coagulate.’”
Elmo: “CO-AG-U-LATE”
Abby: “Or ‘clot.’”
Elmo: “That’s gross.”

Be sure to check out the segment with your little vampires!

-Larissa Mrykalo