'The Walking Dead' Recap: 'After'

Courtesy AMC

Have the walkers gotten more fashionable? I saw at least three outfits that I would wear. It always takes me a few minutes to gather my bearings after the mid-season break. Brief recap: Governor tries to take over prison. Blows shit up. Chops Hershel’s head off. Gets killed. At this point we’re not sure where everyone is at except Michonne.

There’s one thing I do know, zombies aren’t very smart. Michonne traps two and resorts back to having headless zombie pets. Welp, there’s zombie Hershel’s chomping head and ponytail. RIP again, Hershel.

Rick looks pretty busted up, and bad news, jerky Carl is back. They get into the abandoned rib shack to find some hot sauce and what looks like pork rinds. Jerky Carl is such a jerk. You have busted up Rick and jerky Carl out on their own and Michonne out on her own with her two armless and jawless pets.

Rick and Carl look for housing, and Carl really starts to show his ass. For a minute he seems to get excited when he walks into what used to be a kid’s room, but then he turns into a huge brat again, bringing up Shane. Trust me, no one likes Carl when he’s this way.

We get a glimpse back into the pre-zombie apocalypse Michonne when she has a nightmare. It gives some insight to who her old pets were and shows us that she was a mother.

I am not sure if Rick is dead or just comatose, but Carl panics for a moment once the zombies come a-knocking. He decides to go out on his own to take care of them. Things take a turn for the worse when another one comes up behind him. He ends up shooting all three of them but wasting a ton of bullets in the process. He’s big into being the winner in this episode. When he returns from his vigilante session, he screams at Rick while he’s comatose. Carl to Rick: “I’d be fine if you died.” Really? Ouch.

Carl keeps running into snafus all over the place, but still somehow thinks he’s victorious. He almost gets eaten by a walker in the second house he explores, but wastes the rest of the bullets and manages to get away. It was a pretty tense moment there when the walker was thiiiissss close to biting Carl’s leg. For a second there, I kind of hoped he would bite him. Spoiler alert: Carl ends up smiling like a Cheshire cat and eating chocolate pudding on the roof of house number two.

Michonne and her zombie pets continue to explore around the woods when she sees a walker that resembles herself. She goes ape-shit and kills all of the walkers around her.

Carl returns from his “victorious” adventure to find Rick half hanging on. He thinks for a second that Rick has died and turned into a walker. I mean, I can understand the confusion with all that mouth-breathing that Rick is doing. He ends up passing out again. Good thing Carl ended up flaking out and not shooting Rick. Carl then admits that he’s scared.

Michonne ends up at the rib shack that Rick and Carl first went into. She ends up talking to herself/her dead boyfriend saying that she has the answers. I assume that she means of staying alive. I hope that she meets up with Rick and Carl since she is so nearby.

Carl and Rick end up having a heart-to-heart where Carl stops being such a brat for a minute. Rick tells Carl that he’s “a man.”

Michonne stumbles upon Carl’s empty pudding can and the house where Rick and Carl are camped out at. Both Rick and Michonne seem to be happy to see each other.

Smaller bites:
· Kids, there’s no Daryl Dixon in this episode. Save your swooning for next week. It looks like Daryl is stuck with Beth for the duration of the next episode or part of it at least.

· Actually, there’s no one but Carl (boo), a mouth-breathing Rick, and Michonne in this episode. That having been said, I really liked it this week.

· Who knows what is in store for the rest of this season. Where are Maggie, Glen, Baby Judith, and the others?

The next episode of "The Walking Dead," “Inmates” will air next Sunday, February 16 at 9:00 P.M. ET. Watch a preview below...