Water Cooler 'Walking Dead': The Most Talked About Scene

Courtesy AMC
There are spoilers here so if you didn't watch "The Walking Dead"'s season four mid-season premiere, "After," look no further.

The most talked about scene from last night's episode involved Michonne going for a stroll through the woods with some walkers. She's safe thanks to her two new pets (cronies of The Governor) but when she spies a walker that looks just like her (Bizarro World Michonne?), it triggers something in her and she chooses life. Danai Gurira discussed this scene on last night's "Talking Dead" episode and said she was only supposed to kill 8 of the 23 walkers but kept going. Greg Nicotero allowed this cathartic and powerful scene to take place. Michonne chose life in this chaotic world where she believes there is still hope despite the ugliness.

-Larissa Mrykalo