'Being Human' Recap: 'Rewind, Rewind'

Photos Courtesy Syfy

We really can't get into tonight's episode with addressing the elephant in the room: our beloved 'Being Human' ending. I have many feels, mostly of the sad variety but going into the back 9 (6), we are setting up for a hell of a showdown on the 18th green. Let's do this.

Remember, Sally is now stuck in 2010 with herself the night she died but this is a stronger, wiser, more impulsive Sally who rather than passively watches herself be thrown down the stairs, jumps into her past self and proceeds to fight back against Danny, injuring her hand in the process. This of course, sends her to the hospital where Josh, Aidan and Nora work. She avoids Nora but Aidan takes her into an exam room and gives her a brace amid much giggling. Someone's got a crush. Butterfly effect? What butterfly effect?

Jumping forward six months, Sally bought out Danny's share of the house but is stalling on
redecorating as she's holding onto something. Her best friend Bridget is there to support her but drops the bombshell that she is dating Danny. And Bridget thinks that Sally is making things difficult?

Because people go for a walk when there is stuff to be thought about, she ends up on the hospital grounds seeing Aidan and Josh together but no longer being a part of it when she spies Rebecca (who died in the premiere thereby sucking Aidan back into Bishop's clutches) hale, hearty, and...horny. As Sally will never learn to not interfere, she breaks up Rebecca and Aidan's date with the always subtle 'thanks for the raging case of genital warts' move. Oddly enough, Rebecca wants no more to do with Aidan who is rightly pissed at Sally. She knows a lot about him, telling him that he was starting to slip and Rebecca was about to end up a crumpled Capri-Sun. She's not from Bishop but he's very wary though intrigued as it turns out he's made an appointment....

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Aha! Now we know why Sally didn't want to change the house: Josh and Aidan are embarking on the Bromance Support Experiment. She'll rent it to them for $800 but there's a catch: she lives there too. Josh worries about this but Aidan reassures him that she's like them and it's cool...they get their own guardian angel and some beautiful crown molding. Because who wouldn't want a ghost from the future guiding their paths? Montage of setting up the house and cleaning...by Josh. It's his time of the month but if he doesn't want the safe room, she made him a change bag with clothes, cell phone, hydrogen peroxide and a rump roast. Well, how can one possibly argue with that? But why hydrogen peroxide? Well, his wolf eats poop. Waking up in the woods, Josh is cradling the remains of the rump roast and sees...Ray.

Back at the house, Sally is hysterical and the police are threatening to book her for false accusation of murder. Bridget is dead and Sally is convinced Danny killed her so she called the cops, not thinking that they would trace the number. She told Bridget that Danny was an abuser, a murderer, but she didn't listen and now she's dead and it's Sally's fault. She was going to do everything right this time but things are starting to spiral out of her control. Aidan tries to reassure her that she's doing good; she helped him and saved Rebecca's life. Together they can do things right, they'll support each other, they'll...hook up. Guys, this is a really bad idea but seeing as they haven't listened to me before, why start now?

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Three months pass and Sally and Aidan are a couple. Josh is mooning (Ha!) over Nora who is coming over for a dinner date. Sally and Aidan head out to the bar for some dancing, drinking, and duking it out with Bishop's representative Marcus. Aidan's a bit confused when Sally drops the Amish bomb saying she's the ghost of Christmas Suck-It. She's being a little too free with her knowledge of the future and we all know what happened to Biff in '"Back to the Future."

One month later, Josh is worrying - still  - about bringing Nora closer. He can't risk hurting her but it's his time of the month so off to the hospital safe space he goes where she confronts him with "Why don't you like me?" And things go from there to coitus interruptus when Sally brings his change bag. Fleeing to the basement with Sally in tow, he's mid-change when she throws him into the safe room but not before getting scratched thereby changing Josh's trajectory forever. I know that she means well but the more she interferes, the worse things get for Josh.

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One month later, Sally is with Josh for her first change and confesses that Nora was a wolf too because Josh scratched her and okay, this might complicate things a bit.

Three months later, Josh sees Nora talking to another guy and feels even more down. Having Sally around has helped Aidan tremendously, but Josh? It's clear to him that he'll never have a normal human life and is beginning to resent it. Okay shippers, we've got Aidan and Sally sexy times so cross that off the list. Aidan takes Sally to the woods for her change but doesn't hear from Josh. He's figured something out though; he loves her. And she loves him. And this is going to end very badly for everyone.

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Next morning, they find Josh back at the house with Ray. Sally knows Ray is the one who turned Josh and tries to get Josh to throw Ray out of the house and kill him but Josh is floundering, alone. This isn't how it was supposed to be - he'll never have a normal life or Nora now so it's over. He's done. He's moving out. There's nothing left for him in the house but a failed experiment. Josh is nothing but a shell of the neurotic but loyal and hopeful person we've come to love. Sally finally comes to the realization that this is all wrong - while she got her family and bonus romance with Aidan, it was at the expense of what made it so special in the first place: Josh and Aidan taking care of each other. The Aidan she knew in the future would never give up on Josh, this Aidan has. They can only be roommates as it's the best chance to fix it. Um, Sally? Have you met Aidan? He doesn't do the heartbreak thing very well. At all.

One month later in the hospital, it's as if they are all strangers. Aidan starts visiting the blood bar, Josh is drinking with an increasingly irascible Ray who is spoiling for a fight. Feeling his beer muscles, Ray takes Josh to the secret blood bar to work over some loathsome vamps. But who is waiting there? Sally. She tracked Aidan here but before she and Ray and Josh can really get into it, Aidan and Marcus stumble out of the bar. We can feel pretty sure that this won't end in a game of pinochle.

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Has anyone been keeping track of how much time has passed?  No matter, the fighters square off, vamp vs. wolf. With Sally just getting in the way which means...wait for it...she takes a lead pipe to the back of her skull. It was Ray...in the alley...with the lead pipe. This shocks everyone back to their senses but as she bleeds out onto the alley, only Aidan is there with her. But it's okay, this is what needed to happen. She loves him and forgives him. And dies for the third time in the poignant defense of the overused adage: bros before hos.

Will Sally's death put Josh and Aidan on the path to reconciliation? Or will this be the spark needed to ignite the supernatural war for Boston? Join us for next week's "Being Human," "Too Far, Fast-Forward" at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.