Epcot's Figment Leaps from Your Imagination into Comics

When Disney acquired Marvel, it was no big surprise when it was announced that Star Wars would be moving back to the company famous for iconic heroes. Did you think that was where it was going to stop? Au contraire, mon frere. Disney has also announced that it’s having Marvel produce a new comic mini-series that features one of its most beloved characters that resides at Epcot. A lil' purple dragon dude named Figment!

The five issue mini-series, titled "Figment," will delve into the mythology of Figment and his buddy, Dreamfinder. Or is it Dreamfinder and his buddy, Figment? We’ll have to leave that up to your imagination.

In charge of this project is "Skullkickers" writer, Jim Zubkavich and Filipe Andrade, who’s drawn Captain Marvel. Marvel recently sat down with Jim Zub as did Comic Vine to talk about the origin story as well as the flavor of the series.

Jim Zub says the charge of expanding the history behind such popular characters while doing justice to their past has been as exciting as it was intimidating at first. With his history of "Skullkickers," it’s easy to see a sort of whimsical feel making its way into the story, though "Figment" will be much more kiddo friendly. In keeping with each iteration of the popular attraction at Epcot, Zub also focuses on the importance of the imagination that everyone has.

If you’re not all that familiar with the history or characters of Dreamfinder and Figment, don’t worry. Jim has taken special care to remember that not everybody has been following our heroes since 1983, when Journey Into Imagination was first opened in Orlando. You’ll be able to pick everything up and enjoy it, regardless of your familiarity or lack thereof.

Strap yourselves in for the newest historical ride Disney has to offer come June 4th!

-David Berck