'Face Off' Recap: 'What a Dahl'

Courtesy Syfy

Seven artists remain this week after Corinne’s elimination last week. Rashaad, having been in the bottom looks last week, expressed that any mistake they make can justifiably send them home.

This week, the artists meet with McKenzie at Kidspace. Their spotlight challenge will revolve around the whimsical characters of Roald Dahl’s classic “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," now celebrating it’s 50th year. This week’s guest judge is Roald Dahl’s daughter, Lucy Dahl. Artists will have to choose a giant crayon with the name of one of Roald Dahl’s unseen characters from his book and create that creature to look like it will fit right into the world of Roald Dahl. Lucy tells the artists that she will be looking for an exaggeration of the truth, therefore, if your character is happy, it needs to be really happy or if it’s sad, it needs to be really sad.

Graham - Snozzwangers
Niko / Daran - Hornswogglers
Chloe / George - Vermicious Knids
Tyler / Rashaad - Whangdoodles

Finally, after selecting their characters, the artists hang around Kidspace to gain inspiration for their designs before heading back to the lab. Immediately, Daran is having trouble coming up with a concept because he isn’t used to doing whimsical characters. He uses a technique of scribbling on a sheet of paper and looking for an image within the scribbles to come up with a concept he believes will work. Finally, Michael Westmore arrives to give the artists some advice and his only concern is for George; he believes he needs more power in the design. Michael Westmore believes his character isn’t coming off as whimsical and tells George he needs to move away from a humanoid design.

As the artists start to sculpt their designs Chloe is feeling uneasy because she feels she isn’t doing a lot compared to the other artists. She knows she still has a cowl piece to sculpt and she needs to keep focus on the challenge by keeping everything whimsical. Tyler, on the other hand, is going all out by sculpting two giant static arms for his character. He seems to have everything figured out with how much time he has left and doesn’t seem to be worried. Niko is struggling with his mold, having to get up on a ladder to finish it and getting help to carry it outside to get it cleaned. With Rashaad’s help, Niko’s mold is cleaned and finished and in one piece.

Elimination Day

The artists meet judges Glenn, Ve and Neville on the reveal stage. Joining them this week is guest judge, Roald Dahl’s daughter, Lucy Dahl. After the creatures paraded on stage and the judges had their closer looks, Rashaad, Daran, and George were deemed safe.

Tyler was a top look this week with his successful makeup application and his paint job. Lucy Dahl felt it was a monster that would fit very well in Oompa Loompa Land. Graham was also a top look this week. Lucy Dahl said he had channelled her father in his design of his character and Glenn thought he had captured the essence of the challenge.

Niko was a bottom look this week after the judges thought he wasted a huge amount of time creating a body suit for nothing. The judges thought his whole concept didn’t work especially because his character had this “goofy” static gaze. Glenn even joked that his character looked like it would take a beating from the Oompa Loompas rather than be scared by it. Chloe, also on bottom looks this week, didn’t escape the judges harsh critiques on her character. After telling the judges that she had scrap the cowl piece she had been working on, she had to make due with what she already had. Glenn said that because she tried to hide things, she tried too much and hid everything under all the moss. She also muddled her paint job and didn’t add any highlights, which would have made her character stand out better.

WINNER - Tyler

Next Tuesday's new episode of "Face Off," "Freaks of Nature," airs at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.