Manson Story to Be Told By Rob Zombie

When you think of Rob Zombie you think rock legend and horror movie genius, having directed such films as “House of 1000 Corpses," “Devil's Rejects” and “Halloween." Now, according to Dread Central, Zombie is teaming up with “American Psycho” writer Bret Easton Ellis to bring us the chilling story of Charles Manson. The project is in its early stages of development and no formal script has been written but the project plans to revisit the people and events connected to the August 1969 murders.

Zombie has had a long standing fascination with the Manson murders which left seven people in the Los Angeles area dead, including actress Sharon Tate who was eight and a half months pregnant. Manson is currently serving a life sentence in prison for the crimes even though he was never found to have committed a homicide himself. It was the sheer theatricality of how his followers committed crimes for him that have allowed this story to continue to be told.

Recently, "Ghost Adventures" visited the Oman house in Los Angeles which is roughly 200 feet from where the body of actress Sharon Tate was found in 1969. Paranormal Pop Culture’s own Nowal Massari provided a recap of that episode which can be found here. David Oman, the current owner claims that the spirit of Sharon Tate has been trying to communicate with him. He’s had so much activity in the house, he produced the film “House at the End of the Drive” about his experiences in the house.

-Ashley Adriance