Prepping for 'The Walking Dead' Season Four Finale: Questions, Thoughts and Theories


Fans of "The Walking Dead" are bracing themselves for the season four finale tonight. I don't think any fan would argue that this last half of the season has been riveting, gut-wrenching and overall, stressful (in a good way) to watch. The character development has been strong this season and I feel pretty comfortable in saying that we've grown to genuinely care about what happens to these folks. Even Chris Hardwick pointed out on his wrap-up show, "Talking Dead" that he often (accidentally) views these characters as real people.

So here we are, at the end of the fourth season, wondering what the hell is going to happen tonight. Based on interviews, including one with Robert Kirkman, the perceived hope at the end of the last episode, is not going to last. He warned The Hollywood Reporter,"I would expect a very high level of deadliness. Our season finale is not going to disappoint anyone; we've got some big stuff planned." Showrunner, Scott Gimple, solidified this ominous message, "It's pretty deadly. There will be some very difficult, shaking moments for these characters. Everything they know is shaken." Norman Reedus probably best summed up "A" as, "insane -- it's f---ing nuts!"

Theories on Terminus are many, with cannibalism at the forefront. As if things aren't horrific enough? Memes sprinkle our Facebook and Twitter feeds indicating speculations that range from "Mary" wearing Beth's sweater, to the fact that she was the subject of the painting Michonne finds in the "Claimed" episode. Oh yeah, and there was a sunflower painting as well in that scene. Remember all the sunflowers when they entered Terminus? Damn, yellow flowers are just bad news in this season. Don't look at them!

The Hollywood Reporter also did an interesting piece on "Gareth," a mysterious resident of Terminus who is supposed to be introduced to us in the finale. He doesn't sound very pleasant and the article contains major spoilers so be advised.

So the ultimate question tonight is, as previously pondered, "Who will arrive?" and also "Who will survive?" Will Rick be discovered by Daryl's new "buddies" and get a major ass kicking or worse? Will Mary literally make the survivors "a plate?" Where's Beth? Hopefully not being served up as a welcome meal! Who is Gareth? Does Eugene really know the cause of the apocalypse and how? The biggest guarantee tonight is that there will probably be an angst-producing cliffhanger and October is way too far off. Let us know how you're prepping for the episode (which airs on AMC tonight at 9 p.m. ET) and any theories you have. Be sure to tune in to "Talking Dead" immediately following the show. Scott Gimple will be joining Andrew Lincoln on the couch and we have a feeling they'll have a lot of juicy input into the episode, including what to expect in the next season.