Water Cooler 'Walking Dead:' The Most Talked About Scene from 'A'


Well, it is finished. Another season of "The Walking Dead" is under our belts and AMC is predicting the following scene from "A" will be most talked about. Certainly Rick's snack of Joe's neck was cringe-worthy but this one has many clues as to what horrors lie within the walls of Terminus.

We get to meet Gareth and Alex and a group of automaton-ish folks. It's like a hipster cult from Hell and they're wearing and carrying items that are not theirs! In the most talked about scene, Rick notices and attacks Alex by confronting him about what he realizes is the pocket watch Hershel gave to Glenn back on the farm. And look...there's Maggie's poncho but not on Maggie! Oh no. It hits the fan and a chase and shootout ensues. Good God these snipers are lousy shooters! Were they Stormtroopers in a past life?

In the chase, we learn what A means and that the Termites (we'll just call them this for now) like ambiance via candlelight. Or wait, was that a shrine to the pile of rotting carcasses we catch a glimpse of as Daryl, Michonne, Rick and Carl are trying to escape? Note the names on the floor of the candle room. Well ain't they sweet to at least pay homage to the dead. The scene ends with the foursome being cornered and looking pretty terrified. Understandable.

Should Rick just have left Alex and the watch issue alone and maybe feel out the place a bit more? Or was he justified in attacking impulsively? Let us know your thoughts on not only the scene but the finale as a whole. Were you satisfied?

-Larissa Mrykalo