Qapla'! Klingon Beer Hits the Market

Oil up your bat'leth and sit back with Aktuh and Melota playing semi-melodiously in the background. Though it's not listed on their official website just yet, the Federation of Beer has launched a follow up brew of choice to their Vulcan Ale. It's Klingon. It's different. Nope, it's not bloodwine. It's Warnog! *insert fearsome battle cry here*

The Guardian is reporting that the new brew has notes of clove, banana, and caramel. For beer enthusiasts, the FoB is classifying Warnog as a Dunkelweizen (for us laypeople, it's a dark beer) derived from rye malts in addition to caramel malts and clove, likely making the mixture end up on the sweeter side. Perhaps this isn't what one would expect a Klingon to drink, but there it is!

Surprisingly, the most famous of Star Trek related drinks has not yet been made by the FoB and hasn't been seen since Star Trek: the Experience with Quark's bar closed. However, Amanda Kooser over at CNET reports that Romulan Ale is up for release next year!

Just for kicks, check out the list of Star Trek themed drinks that were available. Boy, do I miss me a good Warp Core Breach.

-David Berck