'Teen Wolf' Recap: 'De-Void'

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Stiles and the Lord of the Flies

This episode picks up right where last week’s left off. Sheriff Stilinski walks up to his Nogitsune possessed son in Derek’s loft. As the two gaze solemnly at each other, the Sheriff advises that if he is really his son, he’ll put the handcuffs on. Of course, the Nogitsune does as he asks and then stares at him with his hateful eyes before breaking them easily. Allison attempts to shoot him with a taser, but it has no effect and he easily disarms her. Derek has no better luck. Finally it’s down to Argent pointing a gun at his head and the Sheriff trying to stop him from killing his son. This is of course just the type of chaos and strife that the Nogitsune loves. However, before things get much further he breaks it off as the real enemy approaches. He has manipulated them into coming to the loft to protect him from the Oni. He’s disappointed that Scott’s not there to help though. As the smoke ninjas appear, the Nogitsune backs away and lets Stiles’ friends defend him. This doesn’t go any better than it has in the past, with Derek taking a nasty swipe from an Oni katana. At this point, Scott and Kira finally arrive, but the Oni have vanished as well as Stiles.

In the basement of Eichen House, Noshiko walks down the stairs to the hole where Rhys’ body lies. As she picks up the pieces where the kanji was scrawled, the Nogitsune appears behind her. The kanji means “self” and he wonders why she chose that one. “Because Rhys died as himself,” she answers. The Oni vanished, because Noshiko called them off. She has decided that she doesn’t want revenge anymore. Unfortunately the Nogitsune has other plans. He wrenches the last knife representing Noshiko’s only remaining tail and plunges it into his own stomach. As she looks on horrified, flies begin pouring out of the wound. When the swarm dissipates, Evil Stiles is gone and the flies have buzzed off on their own missions.

So, where would you go if you were an evil fly bent on causing mass chaos, strife and pain? First, you would go to the hospital and crawl into Isaac’s i.v line. The good news is that he finally wakes up. When Allison and her dad get home, he is sitting on her bed. There’s kissing and stuff. In the morning, Isaac is examining Allison’s stash of weapons. When he expresses a desire to kill the Twins, she objects. Unfortunately, he has handcuffed her ankles to the footboard of the bed.

Another little fly tries to pay a visit to Scott and Kira. Only it couldn’t get through the window. Or maybe it was just all the making out that made it go away. Anyway, Kira doesn’t want to go home and stays the night at Scott’s house.

A third little fly flits off to the loft, where Derek is examining a chess board. I really don’t think that chess is really Derek’s game. Peter makes an appearance and seems to agree. He pityingly informs his nephew that a Nogitsune is too old to play by the rules. Foreboding anyone?

The fourth and fifth flies are reserved for the Twins. First, Ethan and Danny have been practicing some lacrosse. As they banter back and forth, Ethan inadvertently swallows a fly as he splashes water on his face. He and Danny decide to shower, because lacrosse is sweaty business you know. His twin, Aidan, is driving aimlessly around in search of Malia. Actually Lydia thinks the GPS is talking to her until Aidan shows her that it isn’t even on. This leads to freaking out a screeching halt in a parking lot. Curiously, there’s a body just lying there. It’s an apparently unconscious Stiles. As they rush towards him, a friendly little fly crawls into Aidan’s ear.

Evil Stiles ends up at Scott’s house, where they dose him with kanima venom to keep him from getting away. Unfortunately they can’t do anything about his mouth, so they duct tape it shut. Before they get him taped up though, his comments send Aidan off to the school looking for his brother whom the Evil One has implied is in some danger.

Now it’s time for the little flies to really get to work. Derek shows up at Argent’s just as he is leaving to track down Isaac. He’s back to being really angry about his family being burned alive and has decided to do the same to the Argent’s. Papa Argent ends up tied to a chair and doused in gasoline. It’ll be a real party if only Allison would get home. The twins are at the school, and Aidan overhears Ethan agreeing to try out for the lacrosse team. This is apparently a bad idea. The two start circling each other and just as they are about to lunge, Isaac hits them with one of the Argent’s souped up tasers. He then proceeds to smash them in the face with it. I think baby Isaac needs a time out. He is eventually stopped by Kira and her katana and Allison with her crossbow. As the girls then flee to a classroom, the three wolves turn on each other.

Back at the McCall house, Evil Stiles is playing more of his tricks. This time he sets his sights on Melissa, who has a secret. The Nogitsune claims to know what it is, because Stiles knows what it is. He also claims that Scott will never forgive her when he finds out and that whatever it is, it made Agent McCall leave. This seems odd, since we have already heard Stiles accuse Agent McCall of something similar back when he first showed up. Anyway, she quickly puts the duct tape back on to shut up his tricksy words.

In the other room, Lydia, Deaton and Scott discuss the pros and cons of turning Stiles into a werewolf to rid him of the Nogitsune. Scott has obviously never done this before and he wants Derek’s help. Little does he know that Derek is otherwise occupied. Lyida suggests they call “someone else”,a.k.a. Peter. He shows up with his grin firmly in place. I love Peter, he is so wonderfully, ambiguously evil. He takes one look at the pale and sickly Stiles, and expresses his doubt that he would survive the bite. However, he has another idea. He proclaims this to be a battle of the mind. He enlists Lydia to help Scott enter Stiles’ head and find him.

Meanwhile, Stiles is looking less than scared. To give him some credit, Scott does wonder if this is just another one of his tricks, but Deaton advises that they are running out of time. So Scott stabs his Alpha claws into both Stiles and Lydia’s necks. He and Lydia awake inside Stiles’ head one presumes, getting a full on five-point restraint system experience. Lydia has to remind Scott that he’s a freaking supernatural creature with supernatural strength and therefore he can break his restraints. Having successfully freed them both, they try to leave the room. Only the door slams shut, trapping Lydia inside. Suddenly she is back at Beacon Hills High’s prom wandering the freakish halls as they fill with bouncing balloons. Then the bandage wrapped visage of the Nogitsune appears scratching on a chalkboard. Lydia is fast losing her grip on any semblance of reality. 

In the waking world, Lydia’s nose begins to bleed which freaks out the watching adults. Peter starts calling her name admonishing her that she is stronger than this. When she fails to respond, he lets out a more powerful call that echoes through the dream school. Scott happens to be in his own little dream; trapped in a closet making out with Allison. I suppose this is to keep him busy so that the Nogitsune can deal with Lydia first. As Peter’s cry echoes, he realizes that he and Allison aren’t together anymore and he escapes. Both he and Lydia find themselves in an enormous pristine white room. In the distance sits the stump of the Nematon with Stiles and the Nogitsune perched atop it playing the ancient game of Go. No matter how much they scream to Stiles he doesn’t respond, until Lydia reminds Scott that Stiles is still part of his pack. This prompts Scott to howl, which Stiles finally hears. Stiles then overturns the game board and the three wake up. This also breaks whatever hold the Evil One had on the werewolves it took over, and they collapse just in time to save some lives. Derek was about to get a bullet to the brain from Papa Argent, and Kira and Allison were going to take some heavy damage from the Twins and Isaac.

Back at Scott’s house, Peter immediately drags Lydia off demanding his payment for helping her, which is of course the name of his child. As Lydia whispers the name “Malia," Stiles suddenly begins to retch up yard upon yard of the Nogitsune’s bandages. When he’s done he collapses back, and then the Dark Kitsune’s wrapped hand begins to rise from the mound of fabric. The hand is swiftly followed by the rest of him and Peter and Scott rush to grab hold of him. Only as the bandages fall away, it’s the real Stiles. The Nogitsune has scampered off with Lydia. Now what could a Dark Kitsune want with a Banshee girl? With only two episodes left this season, we don’t have long to wait.

The next episode of "Teen Wolf," "Insatiable," airs Monday, March 17 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.