'The Walking Dead' Recap: 'The Grove'

"Just look at the flowers."

Carol and Lizzie keep watch over Mika while Tyreese sleeps off his injury-induced stupor. Carol tells Lizzie about her daughter, Sophia, and tells her that she didn’t have a mean bone in her body. Since Lizzie is a creep, she asks if that’s why Sophia isn’t alive any longer. Well, that and there’s a bunch of walkers running around eating pesky kids.

As Carol, Lizzie, Mika, and head to Terminus they happen upon a house in a pecan grove. Carol sees how screwed up Lizzie is about the walkers and the weaknesses of Mika. So basically, she’s stuck with two of the worst kids ever, a baby, and a dude whose girlfriend she killed. Makes for a pretty screwed up situation. Carol tries to counsel Mika about the importance of defending oneself. Apparently Carol’s advice hits home because while she and Tyreese scope out the house at the grove, Mika has to kill a walker that’s trying to eat Lizzie and Judith. Of course Lizzie sits there and does nothing, so Mika has to shoot him in the head. (Note: It takes a couple of shots. She’s not the greatest shooter.)

After they scope the house out and get inside, everyone seems pretty happy. Tyreese is excited to finally have a living room, and Mika finds a baby doll. Lizzie, of course, has to ruin everything by trying to play tag with a walker. Carol spies them out in the yard and has to kill the walker. Lizzie totally spazzes out about Carol killing the walker.

Ty later suggests to Carol that they make a home at the grove. Ty tells Carol that he trusts her and that he knows her and the girls. As they chat about how great life is at the house, Lizzie scampers off to feed a mouse to a walker caught on the tracks. Mika catches her and tries to talk sense into her. As Mika is talking to her, Lizzie keeps putting her hand near the walker’s mouth. Home girl has a death wish.

A group of flaming walkers approaches them as they run off screaming for Carol. Carol and Ty hear them and help fend off the walkers. Lizzie is the biggest liability out there. Earlier they noticed smoke from far away, but I am guessing that someone far off torched the walkers? Maybe it’s one of our friends. We still don’t know what everyone else is up to.

Carol tries to talk to Lizzie about the walkers. I have a distinct feeling that Lizzie doesn’t get the point of the conversation. Her reply is, “I know what I have to do now.” What that is exactly, who knows. Later Carol and Ty take a walk in the grove. She tells him that she is starting to warm up to the idea of making the grove their home. He brings up Karen, and Carol gets this weird look on her face. We all know that it’s because she killed Karen, but Ty is clueless. She looks like she’s going to chicken out, but she doesn’t say anything.

When they get back to the house, they discover that psycho Lizzie has butchered her poor sister so that she will turn into a walker. Carol is spazzing out because she recognized that Lizzie was a psycho previously, but didn’t do anything about it. Fortunately, Lizzie doesn’t harm Judith. Lizzie does threaten to shoot them if they extinguish Mika before she turns, but they coax the gun from her. Carol ends up putting Mika down, but tells Lizzie that she’s going to tie her up. Ummmm.

Later on, Ty tells Carol that he thinks that Lizzie killed Karen. Carol still doesn’t fess up—yet, but tells him that she doesn’t think that Lizzie can be around other people. I’m sorry, but NO SHIT. She killed her OWN sister in cold blood. Carol takes her out back and kills her like Old Yeller. After they bury the kids in the yard at the house, Carol finally tells Ty that she killed Karen because she didn’t want the illness to spread. He gets pretty torn up about it, but seemingly lets it go once he figures out that she killed her quickly. Carol offers to let him kill her, but the past is the past, man. The next day, they leave with baby Judith in tow to Terminus, I guess?

Smaller Bites:
-I’ve got to say, I didn’t see the murder of Mika or Lizzie coming.

-Will Maggie and Glenn ever find each other?

-What’s going on with Michonne, Carl, and Rick?

-Is Daryl still okay?

-What's up with those burned walkers?


The next episode of "The Walking Dead," “Us” will air on AMC next Sunday, March 23 at 9:00 p.m. EST.