Time Travel Stores Taking Over LA for a Good Cause

Courtesy DweebCast
Prepare for your feels to go all wibbly wobbly. Our friends over at DweebCast recently visited one of many Los Angeles mini marts, however this particular store exclusively meets the needs of time travelers. When you walk in, you can expect to find your time traveling necessities, such as x-ray specs, time machine parts and even fresh squeezed robot milk.

Now, aside from Doctors Brown, Beckett and Who, you may be wondering why these little shops exist. The time traveler markets are actually, surprise novelty shops and the proceeds benefit 826LA, a non-profit organization that tutors kids in reading and writing. Active for about five years now, 826LA has been able to help thousands of kids.

Do you want to help the cause, but aren't in the area? Head on over to their site and make a donation! In the greater Los Angeles area? Check out one of their locations. You can never have too many Flux Capacitors on hand, and some Time Freezy Hyper Slush is sure to hit the spot. Still curious? Watch this video, courtesy DweebCast, to look into the time-stream of 826LA.

-Nowal Massari