'Being Human' Recap: 'House Hunting'

Courtesy Syfy

We're starting to get some answers here so let's do this.

Aidan goes to see Kenny who is fuming over Astrid's death but doesn't know that Kenny knows the truth. This will go well seeing as how emotionally stable teenagers are and all.

Back at the house it's crunch time to move-out date. Everyone is sad about leaving but Ramona is taking this very hard. Sally feels bad and wants to help her but Josh is really creeped out by her. Listen to the man, he knows what he's talking about. They are all looking at fresh starts - Nora and Josh in her apartment as a married couple and Aidan and Sally living in Pete's old RV down by the river after the most romantic proposal ever: "Will you haunt me?" Great! Everyone has a plan except Ramona who rocks in her room, "What about me? What about me?" Guys, can't someone invite her to go with them or something?

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Time to divide up the household goods! Josh gets the microwave, blender, and ceramic cat but Aidan wins visitation rights. Beatrice decides to show up and comes clean about the history of the house: her parents were horrible people who fell in a group who decided to worship the demon Paman, a lord of Hell. He promised answers to the all the mysteries of life in exchange for a sacrifice; good thing Mom and Dad had a spare daughter whom they locked in the secret room. Beatrice gave her twin the name of Ramona as the girl had none. Beatrice can see Ramona because the bond of twins is stronger than death. And so is vengeance as Ramona blames Beatrice for her death and force-chokes her. Girl, it's been 40 years; might be time to find a new hobby.

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Panicked, they all run out the front door and end up in different rooms: Aidan in the basement, Josh in the kitchen, Sally in bathroom and Nora in Josh's room and each has special friend waiting for them. Henry appears to Aidan as a ghost and tries to convince him that there is an afterlife for vampires so he'll be strong enough to end his existence. Sally walks in on Kat in the shower who taunts Sally that she could do things with Aidan that Sally never will. Sheathe your claws ladies. Julia appears to Josh to tell him that she knows how to save them all (uh huh) and Nora is visited by a very much off-the-wagon Emily. Or are they?

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Each visitor appeals to their counterpart's worst fears: not controlling the wolf (Josh), emptiness beyond this existence (Aidan), fear of the wolf (Nora), and never being truly loved (Sally). Sally actually gets it first; they aren't real and it's Ramona doing this. But Ramona is not just a ghost. No, she IS the house and became quite the blood glutton over how much has been spilled what with a vampire and a werewolf living there making it a carnage jackpot. And if they leave her, she will get her blood in any way she can.  Josh contemplates ending his life as 'Julia' tells him it's the only way to protect Nora. 'Henry' is still badgering Aidan to end his life which doesn't make sense as he's not going to bleed but Ramona and sanity parted ways many years ago. If Josh isn't going to man up and kill himself, then Nora will have to do it, seeing as how she's pregnant and all and Josh killed their first baby by turning her, 'Emily' tells her. Wait, what? Damn, Ramona really is a nosy pest. Josh considers it for a nanosecond before saying, 'Nah, not so much' and 'Julia' attacks.

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Aidan is very tempted by the thought of an eternity with Sally so he picks up the stake that materializes, to make his dream come true. Aidan, ask yourself this: has listening to Henry ever been a good idea? Nora rejects the idea that Josh will harm her or their baby when Sally appears and is able to get Nora to shake the Emily hallucination. With Nora safely in present, Sally flies to the basement where Aidan is just about to stake himself. Sally is able to get through to him that Henry really isn't there. Okay, three out of four are on the same page now. Josh wakes up on the kitchen floor to see Nora lying there with a slit throat and a bloody knife in his hand. He's going to stab himself for real when Nora gets to the kitchen and talks him down from it. Sally and Aidan rejoin them and they all bolt out the back door to end up back in the sealed up secret room with Ramona the Evil. She is the house and evil personified and is never. letting. them. out. alive.

Kenny of course chooses now to arrive and Aidan is let out to face him. He knows the truth and he wants to kill Josh as payback for Astrid. For all of Aidan's talk about the vampire bond between sire and vampire, Aidan always chooses Josh and for this, Aidan must die as well. They completely wreck the living room during their fight and it's pretty safe to say that Stapp & Sons will not be providing clean up service this time.

Being over 250-years-old works in Aidan's favor as he's finally able to get the upper hand on Kenny and he stakes him. Aidan is distraught, he loves Kenny and tries desperately to think of a way out, to save him when Ramona takes over Kenny's consciousness to taunt him that it's Josh's fault that Sally died. It's all Josh's fault driving Aidan into a blind rage. The other three get out of the room and head downstairs when Sally remembers her visit to the future where Aidan snapped Josh's neck...and it's happening here. She tries to warn him but he can't or won't hear her and as Josh goes to his best friend. Aidan's rage gets the best of him. He grabs Josh's shoulder and head and...black.

One more episode you guys. We've only got one more. Join us next Monday, April 7 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy for the final "Being Human" episode.