Benedict Cumberbatch Puts 'Star Wars' and 'Doctor Who' Rumors to Rest

Image Courtesy The Iris
Sorry, Cumberpeople, but it appears that everyone's favorite otter-faced actor will not be joining any new franchises in the foreseeable future. During a panel at this year's Oz Comic Con, Benedict Cumberbatch sat down to set the record straight.

For quite some time now the Internet has been swirling with rumors that the "Sherlock" star would be joining the upcoming season of "Doctor Who" as the Master, while other fans speculated that he would someday be the next madman with a box. Considering Steven Moffat serves as showrunner to both popular BBC shows, it would make a bit of sense if a cross-over occurred. Unfortunately for those Wholocked fans out there, BennyBatch told audiences that "I'm never gonna play the Doctor-and nothing to do with the Whoniverse."

As for re-teaming with "Star Trek" director J.J. Abrams for the upcoming "Star Wars" film? According to Australian entertainment site, The Iris, it's not happening- “I would've liked a part in JJ's new Star Wars but it won't happen, sadly."

-Nowal Massari