'Face Off' Recap: 'Cry Wolf'

Courtesy Syfy

This week's "Face Off" challenge is a continuation of last week’s surprise two-part challenge where the four remaining artists must create the vampire’s greatest enemy, the werewolf. The artists meet up with McKenzie Westmore and Patrick Tatopoulos and learn that they must create a werewolf that comes from the same world as their vampire creations plus, they must incorporate a particular feature to take down the vampire. Patrick will be looking for common designs between their vampire and the werewolf this week, so the artists need to make sure their designs fit together.

To recap last week’s challenge:

Tyler - Sasabonsam from Ghana
George - Yara Ma Yha Who from Australia
Rashaad - Jiang Shi from China
Niko - Aswang from Philippines

In the lab, Michael Westmore arrives to give his advice to the remaining artists and advises Tyler that his facial sculpt doesn’t read werewolf. He says that what makes a werewolf is it’s snout and Tyler’s creation reads vampire. Surprisingly, Michael Westmore returns after leaving for the day to tell Tyler to stop worrying too much. He received a harsh critique last week but he can’t let that scare him. They remind him that he’s a great artist and Tyler seems to be back on track and moving forward.

Rashaad decides to mold hand extensions for his werewolf to give it the feel that it could conjure fire. Saving time, he doesn’t reinforce the mold with burlap and the mold crumbles in his hands as he tries to open it. He doesn’t have time to re-sculpt and remold his idea so Plan B is to use aluminum foil with latex and hot glue to give his figure extensions the look he wants.

On Application Day, Tyler decides that after spending so much time painting his facial prosthetic, he’s going to go with the second prosthetic he made that isn’t painted because the edges are better and he wants to make sure it blends well with the cowl piece. Also, George’s model got sick so they sent him a replacement model which could give his prosthetic pieces trouble because they’re not made for his face.

The artists meet on the “Face Off” reveal stage with judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page, and guest judge Patrick Tatopoulos to showcase their work this week. During closer looks, the judges looked over every detail of the werewolves, picking apart every design flaw they liked or disliked.

Glenn thought Tyler’s werewolf was beautifully handled, organic and real and not only conveyed the world of his vampire, but evolved it. He also said it reminded him of several traditional werewolf designs and he loved it. Ve thought the hair job was done “superb” and thought he had an exceptional paint job. Neville thought he had greatly improved on the aesthetic from his vampire and Patrick said there was no doubt that this was a werewolf.

This week, Ve thought Niko had good ideas for him werewolf and loved the profile, however, she didn’t like the paint job and neither did Glenn. Neville thought Niko’s design was on the edge of not being apart of the canine family.

George had an elegant design, according to Neville. He also thought the texture of the skin reminded him of a shark. Patrick was a fan of the coloring choices and Glenn loved the finger extensions this week which were a vast improvement from his vampire. Ve said she could tell that his werewolf was from the same world as his vampire because they were very similar yet very different.

Finally, Rashaad’s werewolf design was a great original concept and sculpt but Patrick thought the chest was plain, almost as if the actor was wearing a shirt. Glenn didn’t think his werewolf looked like he could hunt down his vampire creation and Ve wasn’t sure about the gold accents on face piece. She thought that Rashaad tried too hard for something organic.

Winner - George
Moving on to the finale - Tyler and Rashaad
Eliminated - Niko

Next week’s finale “Heavenly Bodies,” airs at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.