'Face Off' Recap: 'Bloodsuckers'

Courtesy Syfy

Four artists remain this week on “Face Off” as they take one of the most legendary movie monsters, the vampire. Meeting up with McKenzie and Patrick Tatopoulos they learn about their next spotlight challenge. This week, they will pick a coffin and create a unique vampire inspired by the legend inscribed on the wooden steak found inside the coffin. Each legend has a unique characteristic that must be incorporated and they must introduce an extreme ability that is not associated with vampires. Patrick tells the artists to pay attention to the culture and the backstory of their legends because they will find some very useful information.

Tyler - Sasabonsam from Ghana
George - Yara Ma Yha Who from Australia
Rashaad - Jiang Shi from China
Niko - Aswang from Philippines

Once in the lab, Michael Westmore visits and finds that Niko is unclear about what extreme ability he will incorporate into his vampire. He knows that if he cannot come up with anything it could easily send him home this week. On day two in the lab, Rashaad notices that his facial prosthetic has a couple of huge tears and since he doesn't have time to redo it, he is going to have to rely on the paint job.

Finally, Niko comes up with a unique ability and begins to work on his design while Tyler tries to wrap his head around doing a 20-foot wing span on his creature in the time he has left. Tyler has to give up his idea of trying to fabricate something that large and goes with something more conventional that he hopes will get him through this week. It’s clear that all four remaining artists are feeling the pressure this week because this is the challenge that will secure their spot in the finale.

Last day in the lab, the models arrive and they start applying and painting. George realizes that he’s made a huge mistake on the finger extensions for his vampire by putting the fangs on the wrong side and because it’s the last day, he has to work with what he’s done.

The artists meet with judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page, and guest judge this week, Len Wiseman ("Underworld") on the reveal stage to showcase their designs. The obvious favorite this week was Rashaad. Ve loved the paint job on his vampire and said he looked “menacing and creepy." Neville thought the face was so well crafted but he hated what he did with the palms. Glenn wished he could see the ears of his facial sculpt because the wig hides them.

Niko’s vampire was something the judges had never seen before on the show with it’s long and nasty tongue. Glenn thought Niko missed many design opportunities that could have taken advantage of and Ve added that the tail on his vampire was just an added appendage and not an ability. Len thought his vampire looked more like an evil clown than something he should be afraid of.

Tyler’s creation this week was “visually muddy” according to Neville. Glenn thought that with a good solid paint job, he could have saved his design this week. Len thought his vampire looked like a model was wearing a costume that was three sizes too big and Ve said the proportions were off and made it look like a big brown tree trunk.

George wasn’t spared the harsh critiques this week when Glen said that his vampire’s head was gorgeous but was surround by horrible decisions. Len thought his creature had a menacing presence and Neville thought it was a beautiful creature. The downside to his vampire were the finger extensions that everyone hated and the sash he threw around his creature. The laughable moment in this episode came when Ve asked him to take off the sash and get rid of the fingers during his critique.

The winner this week was no surprise, as Rashaad took home his second victory. As the artists wait to hear who will be eliminated, McKenzie drops a surprise on the group when they find out that no one will be eliminated just yet because there is a second part to this challenge. Three artists will be put through to the finale based on the results of the second part of the challenge which begins immediately. Outside there would be a van waiting to take them to a secret location where they will meet with a special guest to learn the specifics of their next challenge.

Next Tuesday’s new episode, “Cry Wolf” airs at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.