Official Trailer for Found Footage Horror Film, 'V/H/S Viral'

Courtesy Bloody Disgusting
Found footage horror films are fairly common these days so what's one more...especially one that brings the gore and jump scares? The official trailer for the third installment of the "V/H/S" franchise has just been released and we have the trailer for you to check out.

Directed and written by Justin Benson, Gregg Bishop, "V/H/S Viral" focuses upon what many teens and hell, adults for that matter, weirdly strive for in this day and age; the desire to capture the next viral video. Only this time, the teens find out they're the stars of the latest internet sensation. Madness, mayhem and blood spatter ensue...or at least that's what we could glean from the choppy footage. Fingers crossed all of these bits and pieces come together to form one kick ass horror movie.

The film stars Carrie Keagan, Justin Welborn, Jessica Luza and will be released this fall via Magnet Releasing.

-Larissa Mrykalo