Barry Fitzgerald Involved with New Series, 'The Legend Seekers'

Banshees, blood-thirsty faeries, haunted castles...what's not to love? Barry Fitzgerald, formerly of "Ghost Hunters International," is now involved with a web-based history/mystery series called "The Legend Seekers" and there is an Indiegogo campaign to help get the series launched. "The Legend Seekers" explores Irish legends and based on the brief promo video, the series looks quite interesting. Click on the any of the links for more information, including the goodies you'll receive if you contribute to the show's production.

Here is a summary of the series from the Indiegogo Crowd Funding page and then check out Barry's promo for the campaign. Let us know your thoughts.

"The Legend Seekers" consists of paranormal researcher and author Barry Fitzgerald (familiar to viewers from shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International) along with Cormac Strain, a Carlow based author and researcher.

Both Legend Seekers are committed to connecting Ireland’s history with its mystery.

Accompanied by faithful canine companion Max, Barry and Cormac explore places of ancient Irish myth and lore that usually even the locals don’t know about. Fascinating tales of blood-drinking fairies, Islands of the Dead, mysterious drownings and Blood Gods are just a few of the Legends this plucky trio seek out for your enjoyment.

-Larissa Mrykalo