Demi Lovato Reveals Her Beliefs on Aliens and Mermaids on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

Courtesy MTV
Pop star, Demi Lovato believes in aliens and mermaids and she's hell bent on convincing not only Seth Meyers but the rest of us. She has her theories and the exchange between Lovato and Meyers on his June 4 show is pretty amusing. She even cites the mermaid "documentary" on the Discovery Channel (Animal Planet). She is, however, on the fence about Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and that silly moon landing thingy. Sigh.

On aliens, Lovato states, "I know that they are real. How self-centered would we be, as humans, to believe that we are the only living things in the universe?” Meyers ain't buying it, "Well, call me self-centered, because I don't believe in aliens." On mermaids, she mentions how Christopher Columbus saw three of them on his journey to America but that they don't look like the pretty sea creatures we see in books. She calls mermaids, "an alien species living in parts of the Indian Ocean, which we have never explored before as human beings -- and Christopher Columbus had actually seen three mermaids on his way to America." When Meyers wants her to draw a pic of what she thinks these alien mermaids really look like, she says that there are pictures online.

Check out the video below and weigh in!

-Larissa Mrykalo