Robert Englund Makes PSA Pleas For Psychopaths, Chiller

Without a home, there are psychopaths in America doomed to amateur gardening and eating old human teeth, forgoing their dreams of hacking into unsuspecting teenagers.

If that idea makes you weepy, get out the Kleenex because Robert Englund brings on the tears (of joy!) in his faux PSA for Chiller. The iconic horror actor pleads viewers to tune into original Chiller movies so slashers won't be so alone and ignored in the world.

This is funny stuff, and whomever came up with this buzzy concept over at Chiller deserves a raise for doing something right. Also, could this be just the beginning of similarly-themed PSAs from the NBCUniversal Comcast company?

Might I suggest Robert Englund return as a Jerry Lewis host for a telethon spot with Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Gunnar Hansen and Brad Dourif all accepting donations for Chiller from callers -- who are all calling from inside the house!