'The Strain' Recap: 'The Box'

Courtesy FX

Welcome one and all to Ye Olde Medieval Torture Chamber. What's that? It's the abode of an exterminator? And a well-armed one to boot who also loves cats? Claimed!

Gus delivers the van to what may be the creepiest parking garage ever. His bravado fails when the box starts banging around. Gus man, when the van starts rocking, get the hell out of Dodge. Back at the airport, Team CDC finds Bishop, or rather, the remains of Bishop in the cargo area surrounded by a lot of glowing biomedical discharge which is a great band name by the way. Jim can't hack it and somewhere Samwise Gamgee is shaking his head in disgust.

The four survivors decided to release themselves thanks to Joan the tort queen. They feel fine, it was just a flesh wound. Eph is almost apoplectic with rage but hey, she knows people. I know that I want to punch her in her smug face.

Over at the Stoneheart group, Eichhorst is concerned that the CDC blocked off the airport but Palmer isn't worried. He hears something on the television that puts him in a much better mood. Road trip to...central booking. Oh right, that's where we last saw Setrakian so Eichhorst is coming to spring him? Not a chance. He's coming to gloat: there is no God, I killed your wife, you can't stop this.It's not nice to taunt, Eichhorst. But it's cool, Abe killed Eicchorst's protege and will see him rot in hell. Your move Eichhorst so he drops the digits 30385. 3-0-3-8-5? That's the combination to my luggage!

Continuing the theme of character development, after Gus's job, he returns home to his ex-con brother and devout mother. All you really need to know is he loves his mom and hates his brother. Moving on.

Eph and Nora are called before the Secretary of Health and Human Services who says that after reviewing documents, they've classified it a systems failure within Regis airlines and therefore the case is now under the jurisdiction of the NTSB. The fact that shutting the airport down would tank the economy I'm sure had very little to do this decision. To add insult to injury, Director Barnes puts Eph on a forced vacation. Barnes, it's like you don't even know him.

As Eph follows directions about as well as a three-year-old, he and Nora head off and find Captain Redfern drinking in a bar. He blames himself for what happened as he knew the box was loaded on the plane and allowed it. He's got a headache and a ringing in the ears and will do what he can to help. Great! Go to the hospital and become the human pin cushion.

Eph's got some time to kill before his meeting so he does what any good doctor would do, feed parasitic worms drops of blood. And what does he do with this discovery? Not a damned thing but look honey, it's cool!

Oh Vasily Fet, you can check my house for rats anytime but alas, he's on duty in a local restaurant. Using the blacklight, he reveals the telltale glow of rat pee. So that's the secret sauce! The owner makes the foolish mistake of trying to buy him off. You sir, need to stop trying to corrupt my Vas. But who should be dining there tonight but Survivors Joan and Gabriel Bolivar looking to make a killing on the tort case. Strange, they both have headaches and ringing/voices in their heads. Nah, it's nothing, much like Gabe's attempt to seduce Joan.

Eph backstory! He's lost not only his wife and is in the process of losing his son but Kelly's new boy toy is changing his old office into a game room. It's enough to make a man want to march straight down the street...to an AA meeting. We learn that Eph's been sober for just over a year and has a lot of anger and resentment towards Kelly but in the end, what matters most is Zach. He is terrified of losing his son.

Party Boy Bolivar looks for drugs in his bathroom as he has some ladies to entertain. It's all very orgiastic but sadly, it's not doing anything for him. You know what is though? The carotid artery. Ah, now the blood starts flowing but not in the way anyone was expecting. He throws the girls out and starts licking the blood off the floor. I know he's some kind of rock god but this is a bit much for a stage show.

After the meeting, Eph and team meet up at the hospital to check on Captain Redfern who is looking like he has had better days. His test results are completely wacky and on a hunch, Eph has Nora shine her UV light on him, showing worms under skin. Take two Heartguards and call me in the morning.

Fitzwilliams takes Palmer to meet the Master and the Emcee, Eicchorst. He has tidings of great joy; the Master has chosen Palmer to bear witness to his glory. And guess what? It's not all it's cracked up to be.

Paging Dr. Bennett, Dr. Bennett, there are visitors for you in the morgue. But Dr. Bennett has left the building, along with every single body. Where did everyone go? Remember Eichhorst saying that they would return to their loved ones? Well it's bath-time for Emma. Papa is trying to connect but the only word that gets through is 'hungry' and that was the worst thing he could have said. Yes daddy, I am hungry. Thanks for asking.

Next week! Eph continues to fight a losing battle looking for answers and hopefully we'll have more Vasily. Just remember, I claimed him first.

"The Strain" airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET on FX.