'True Blood' Recap: 'Lost Cause'

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Willa is obviously very angry with Eric about him deserting her. Eric releases Willa as his progeny in exchange for information about Sarah Newlin. Ginger loses her mind when she finds out that Eric is leaving. More than anything she’s angry that they didn’t get to relate to one another. They had to scrape her off of Eric’s casket in order to load him for transit.

Sookie comes home to her sad, empty house, and Lafayette is there with James. Finally, she seems sad about the loss of Alcide. It only took a whole episode to reflect that. Lafayette tells her to go to sleep, and she wakes up to Alcide’s dad loading up all of Alcide’s things. Jenny and Lafayette cook up a lot of food for the whole town to feast on. He tells her that they will have a huge party with a lot of booze. Sookie is not happy about this plan, but seems to turn around about her apprehension when Bill shows up.

Eric & Pam
Eric and Pam show up in Dallas, Texas looking for Sarah’s sister, Amber, using the information that Willa gave them. She said that Sarah paid her off to say silent and in hiding. She and her vampire boyfriend sat around drinking Tru Blood and in turn her boyfriend died from Hep-V. Amber also has Hep-V. She asks Eric if he’s planning on killing Sarah, and he responds in the affirmative. So naturally, she’s in because she dislikes Sarah as much as anyone else. She tells them that she’s likely at some political get together with her parents. Off they go.

Eric and Pam get all glammed up to go to the event where Sarah is supposed to be at with her parents. Eric looks like a cowboy and Pam is wearing a very glamorous purple sequined dress. Me-ow! As it turns out, Sarah’s mom is Angela Chase’s mom (“My So Called Life”). Sarah meets her mom in the restroom and asks for help from higher ups. Even her mom knows that Sarah is a terrible person.

About that time the Yakuza show up to take Sarah out. Apparently they are not at all related to the Authority or vampires. (I’m guessing anyway based on the way she told her mother they were after her.) They kill Sarah’s parents right off the bat. Sarah runs right into Eric who kills the hit men because he wants to kill Sarah himself.

The Party
The whole town is at Sookie’s house indulging in libations. Bill looks sad. Insert Bill flashback here. He goes back to pre-civil war, and he is kicked out for being a Yankee sympathizer. Back in the present, Sookie has spruced herself up, and Jackson gives a weird Alcide eulogy about Sookie being a cause worthy of fighting for.

Back at the Rev’s house, Lettie Mae wants to come to the party, so she drugs the Rev with some allergy pills. She shows up and tries to make amends with Sookie although I am not sure it’s genuine. I am certain she’s up to something. She always has that shady skeevy look about her, then again, it could be the wig.

Andy approaches Jessica outside and tells her to forgive herself. In return all he wants to borrow a ring from Jessica so that he can propose to Holly. Jessica asks Sookie if they can use Gram’s ring for Andy to propose to Holly. She says yes.

This sets Sookie off into a fit of tears, so Arlene brings her upstairs to talk her through it. Really she just makes the whole thing about herself and Terry (awkward). Jackson is eavesdropping outside. I can’t tell if that’s something that Jackson approves of or doesn’t or if he’s just generally up to no good. Alcide really didn’t like his father that much, and it was never explained.

Jessica tells James that he’s a wet blanket, so he goes and cries to Lafayette. They start making out on Sookie’s front porch. Jessica goes to look for him and finds him boning Lafayette out in their car. Jessica makes Jason rescind James’s invitation to Sookie’s house. Lafayette confronts her and tells her that if she doesn’t love James to let him go so that he can love James. Awwww.

Sookie walks around listening to everyone’s thoughts and starts feeling pretty good about herself since no one is saying anything mean about her. Willa walks in, and Sookie tells her that she’s drunk and asks where Bill is. Naturally this leads to a Bill flashback about when he and his family were trying to escape the South at the start of the Civil War.

Sookie interrupts his thoughts, and he tells her that he’s about to leave. When Sookie walks back inside, she hears Lettie Mae’s desires to stab Willa to get some vampire blood. Sookie tries to stop her right as Lettie Mae stabs Willa through the shoulder. Lafayette escorts Lettie Mae away.

About that time, Nicole snaps and wants to know what is wrong with all of the townspeople who are celebrating when they were being terrorized just three days earlier by H-vamps. After she goes off on everyone, she decides that it is time to leave. Violet leaves to escort her and Sam home.

This leaves Jason unattended so he and Jessica have an emotional moment and start making out. Then the inevitable happens. Violet walks up just as they are mid-coitus. She doesn’t do anything but looks angry, so it is just a matter of time before she flips out on everyone.

After everyone leaves Sookie’s house, she goes to bed in Alcide’s coat like Arlene suggested and creepily rubs his pillow.

Bill heads back home and gets in the tub as he has another flashback. He and his wife overlook a set of graves where he promises to return to her after the war. In the present, he looks at himself in the mirror and sees the beginnings of Hep-V.

Smaller Bites:
-What’s the deal with Jackson? I feel like he’s up to something.
-How did Bill get infected?
-Are they just going to kill off everyone before the end of this show?
-There has been no explanation as to how Arlene killed those vampires when she was locked up. Is she special or was that just a fluke?
-Are they going to lock Lettie Mae away or just let her act crazy for the rest of the season?
-I wonder what Violet has up her sleeve. Yikes.

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