'True Blood' Recap: 'Karma'

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The beginning of this week’s "True Blood" starts out like an action movie—music and all. Eric seems to be getting weaker as he has to fight the Yakuza. His vision fades in and out, but he still seems to be kicking Yakuza tail. He finally stops when he sees that they have captured Pam. The real question is: Where is Sarah?

Eric & Pam
They’ve really gotten themselves in a doozy where they’re being held under silver until sunrise by the Yakuza. The president of the Yakanomo Corporation wants to get information about Sarah’s whereabouts. As Eric and Pam sizzle in the moments before dawn, they finally settle on Eric killing Sarah when they find her and the Yakuza guy keeping her body. He finally lets them go, and they decide to go to Sarah’s sister’s house at nightfall together to kill her. Seems like a fair deal.

Sarah finally makes it to her sister’s house where she drops dead. RIP, Amber. Wait, low and behold, Amber isn’t dead. Amber wakes up and tells Sarah that she can’t stay at her house. Sarah feeds Amber a bunch of crap about how she’s a changed woman. Blah, blah, blah. I wish that Amber would just kill her.

Sarah tells Amber that she took all of the antidote, so she is the only person that can heal Hep-V vampires. So when Eric, Pam, and the Yakuza show up, Amber is perfectly healed. So where is Sarah?

Bill seems surprised that he’s contracted Hep-V. (Is it just me or is Stephen Moyer looking more buff than in the past?) Jessica walks into the house as Bill is on the phone with whomever is getting his affairs in order. Jessica seems upset by the news, but then again, she could still be reeling a little from catching her boyfriend getting humped by Lafayette. Maybe it’s a combination of the two.

Bill rushes to Kapneck law offices where the lobby is full of infected vampires. The scene is reminiscent of that scene in "Beetlejuice" where the Maitland’s go to the office for the recently deceased.

Bill’s Hep-V seems to be spreading at a rapid rate which would make sense if he got it from Sookie’s weirdo fairy blood. The lawyer tells Bill that he can’t leave his estate to Jessica unless he adopts her. She tells him that she can expedite the process if he pays her $10 million. He tries to glamor her into doing it for free, but she’s wearing those anti-glamor contacts. So, Bill kills her and her guard.

When Bill gets home, Sookie and Jessica are crying on the steps.

Lafayette takes Lettie Mae home with him, and low and behold, James is there waiting for him. James offers Lettie Mae his blood so that she can connect with Tara.

They both drink James’s blood to connect with Tara, and they follow Tara in their hep-V state. She leads them to Tara and Lettie Mae’s old house, but right before she can reveal what she wants them to see, the Rev wakes them up.

I feel bad for the Rev because he seems like a pretty decent guy, and although Lafayette has proven that Lettie Mae isn’t totally full of crap, she would rather go and see her dead child than be with the Rev. Sorry, Rev. I am not entirely sure why he would want to be with her anyway.

Jason seems scared to go inside his house to see Violet as he should be since HE was boning Jessica in last week’s episode. She has candles throughout the house and is wearing lingerie for Jason when he comes in. I’m just waiting for her to kill him or worse.

As Jason lays beside Violet post-coitus, who I have no idea what she has up her sleeve, Jessica calls and begs Jason to bring Sookie to her house so she can tell her about Bill. Jason finally gets Sookie to Jessica’s house where she tells them that bill is infected.

Violet goes insane when she realizes that Jason has left, and she has nothing but venom in her eyes. Good luck, Jason!

Sookie has a flashback about cutting her arm then getting sprayed with the nasty Hep-V blood the night that Alcide got shot, so she wants Jason to take her to get tested.

Jason comes home to talk to Violet after that whole ordeal with Sookie and Jessica. Violet has ripped up the entire bedroom and left him a note. As he rejoices about her being gone, she goes to get Adilyn and Wade. What’s the point of that? If she really wants to hurt Jason, why doesn’t she kill Sookie?

Andy catches Wade boning Adilyn, and he tries to beat him senseless. Holly runs out, pretty peeved at Andy for trying to hit her son. The love-triangle is incredibly strange. You have the father of a month-old (?) full grown child catching the son of his fiancé having relations with her.

Andy and Holly remain in a state of discontent so Andy shows up at Bellefleur’s to confront her. Arlene tells them that they need to get along and talk sense into their two wild and crazy kids.

Nicole tells Sam that she’s leaving him for good. I keep wondering if she’s going to have a litter of puppies. She tries to give Sam an ultimatum about leaving with her touting him as the “Mayor of Crazy.” She tells him that she’s leaving the next day, which definitely means that something bad or strange is going to happen.

Sookie goes to get tested and sits around looking around all weird. She tells Jason that she doesn’t want to go home to wait for her tests results. They end up drinking out of a brown bags on the tailgate of a truck outside of a liquor store. She tells Jason that Bill was her first love. Jason admits that he doesn’t really feel that way about anyone except maybe Jessica, and he definitely doesn’t feel that way about Violet.

Smaller Bites:
-How strange is it that Sarah Newlin is the last hope?
-If Amber is healed, can she then pass the antidote through her blood or will she get reinfected?
-If they kill Sarah, can they still get the antidote?
-What is Violet going to do to Adilyn and Wade?
-Is Bill going to die before he can get healed?

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