'Defiance' Recap: 'All Things Must Pass'

Courtesy Syfy

Last week on "Defiance," Christie offed Treasure Doll and Nolan's energy disruptor fixed everyone but Irisa who took it out on Tommy after he did nothing but love her. Good going Irisa. Let's do this.

Stahma won't let Datak back in the house but has no problem letting him in...other places but it's to further her agenda which Datak actually seems to get. The sticking point? Her running the business; having his wife pretending she's smarter than him smarts. Oh Datak, there is no 'pretending' involved here.  His feelings hurt, he throws Stahma and they both get kidnapped. A house divided against itself blah blah blah.

Nolan's dragging Tommy through the woods to get him back to Defiance for healing. Things aren't looking good as Tommy hallucinates about when he first met Nolan and what a dick he was. Tommy, you're not wrong. Taking a break, he reveals Irisa's diary with Cai's picture and we get a flashback to Cai and Irisa being joined in the Arkbrain. Cai jerks awake. Oh, hello there!

Pottinger cooks for Amanda and they bond over food before he propositions her with returning to New York. Uh, Niles? Do you ever actually listen to what she says? Out in Camp Reverie, Rafe is visited by Pilar who wants to know what he told the kids. Oh, the usual: ambushed by raiders, fought back like a wildcat and took a few of them with her. She says she doesn't blame him but I call shenanigans. Rafe asks if she's okay and she dodges the question with a request for a kiss. All of the lights may not be on but enough so she can see. Stahma and Datak are locked up back to back so this is either extreme marriage counseling or revenge 101. Dude, you really should have just made her a partner. Elsewhere, Doc Yewll is conversing with her hallucinated wife that they need to get topside or they'll die of starvation. Oops. Datak, you really should have remembered to do your food walk.

Tommy's hallucinating again, this time about proposing to Irisa. Nolan cauterizing his wound with a hot knife will bring him back around though. It's certainly a banner day for getting advice from the subconscious. Hold still, this might sting a bit.

Having exhausted their anger at each other, Stahma and Datak move into the bargaining part of the process - he wants to change for her but she has a hard time believing that he'll ever put anyone before himself. Yewll continues to bicker with herself and discovers the ship with the Arkbrain. Merry Christmas Doc. Amanda's doing the dishes when Pottinger surprises her with the rest of the day off and a fun drive in the woods. He gives her a necklace that belonged to Kenya and the exciting news that he found her killer. Wait, let's back this truck up a second: Pottinger had Yewll create an Indogene-Kenya to gain access to Amanda's memories and now he kidnaps Stahma and Datak so Amanda can mete out justice frontier style and everyone's okay with that?

Christie sees Pilar and Quentin outside and is mildly shocked. Uh, guys? Springing a presumed-dead mother on a very pregnant woman is really not a smart thing to do unless you are trying to induce labor which in that case, by all means carry on. Now, who wants ice cream? In less fun news, Amanda questions the Tarrs - is it true you killed Kenya? Well, she was having an affair with my wife so I forced Stahma to kill her and jeebus Datak, shut up! I'm pretty sure Amanda won't miss at this distance. And thanks once again for proving Stahma very much right.

Flashback to the night of the election where Nolan and Tommy realize that Datak Tarr sold them out to the Earth Republic - it all comes back to taking care of Irisa and Nolan is trying desperately to keep Tommy awake and with him. Others who aren't having fun? Stahma for one staring down the barrel of a gun as Amanda hurls all the rage and sadness at having Kenya taken from her and dishes out some hurting of her own that Kenya never loved Stahma, it was always just business. There's no way you're talking yourself out of this one Stahma when Datak jumps in with the whole, 'don't kill her, I need her,I can't live without her so kill me too.' Amanda stalks outside to the amazement of Pottinger who can't believe she didn't pull the trigger. Unlike you, Niles, Amanda knows what will happen if they go missing - a criminal power vacuum that will cripple the city with families struggling to take over. But she wanted to pull the trigger more than anything. Back in the silo, Datak and Stahma are stunned by their stay of execution and take the moment to work on a breakthrough: maybe if we both change a little it will be enough. Hoo boy, this world isn't ready for the two most dangerous people in town working together in a civilized manner.

Irisa activated Kaziri which makes Yewll ask, 'Did you just hack into my imaginary wife?' Kaziri  tries to get Yewll to buy into an 'us vs them' mentality but she's not going down that rabbit hole again. You take your 3000 year old instructions and shove them up your ritual ass. Ain't no stopping Doc and you know she's serious because she finally cut out the Ego device. You go, girlfriend!

Datak walks into the family gaming room and ritually asks for forgiveness. Huh? How'd they get out of the silo? No matter, fresh start, let's play some cards. The idiots accept it and get Stahma's contact poison for their troubles. Okay honey, let's go home.

Nolan and Tommy are within sight of the stasis field when Tommy dies and Nolan breaks down. He's batting 0-for-the-universe with the saving of people today. Amanda's drinking (drink) and Berlin is at the gate when Nolan pulls Tommy's body up. Irisa better stay far the hell away from Berlin. Irisa doesn't care right now as she's making rocks float around that mimic the position of ships in space. Nothing can possibly go wrong with that. On the warpath, Nolan tracks down Cai to go find Irisa. Cai doesn't like this plan one bit but see, you're the only one who can stop the thing inside her from destroying the planet. And you'd better hurry because she's launching upside-down Daleks at New York that are razing it to the ground.

Don't go anywhere because the second part of the season finale, 'I Almost Prayed' starts...now.