'Defiance' Recap: 'I Almost Prayed'

Courtesy Syfy

Here we go, the second part of the "Defiance" season finale. Let's do this.

Picking up right where we left off, the onslaught of purple fire continues burning and destroying New New York. Nolan tries to explain to Cai what is going on: in a nutshell, you and Irisa are connected and controlled the Arkbrain. She's got both keys now so we have to get one out and you are the way to do that. Aren't you lucky?

Datak is in a great mood - he's returning home. But oh, Pilar came to pay a visit and she wastes no time taunting Datak and Stahma about their mean beginnings as a magician and a toilet bowl cleaner. I'm not scared of you two; that's wonderful Pilar. Now take your unfortunate son and get out of town. Yes, I'm sure that will work very well, thanks for that Datak.  Pilar gives Alak and Christie a civics lesson on what whill happen to their half-breed child but hey, there's a utopia only 300 km away. And they have horses. Horses I tell you! She let's slip that Datak has been welcomed back home and they rush home to do...what? Not sure but Quentin calls his mother out on making up utopia. She doesn't deny it and clearly Pilar's elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. Christie is apoplectic that Datak is welcomed back after what he did the Alak and Stahma and way to go guys, you just made them both Team Pilar as there is no way Alak is now going against his wife.

Berlin pulls an Amanda and drowns her pain in liquor when she and Amanda both get calls - New New York is gone. Guess Pottinger isn't taking her there after all. That's one way of getting out of the trip. Mercado rolls back into town declaring Defiance the new command central. Rather than reprimanding Berlin for drinking he tells her to gargle. Priorities, yo. Nolan bursts in with Cai saying that he knows how to stop Irisa - get him near her so the keys can do their stuff. Sorry Cai, there's no way you're not making that sound dirty. That's great Nolan, Mercado believes you but I have to agree with him here: why did you give her a badge if you knew she was so dangerous? Amanda steps up to take the blame but Pottinger cuts in with how he trusts Amanda's advice and would do it again and again. We've got ourselves a plan when Doc Yewll gives herself up with the news that there's an extremely powerful sentient computer trying to destroy the planet but luckily she knows how to stop it. Great, options! Alas, Nolan vetoes any plan in which Irisa does not come out alive. Amanda orders him held, he holds Mercado at gunpoint and in return, Amanda holds Cai at gunpoint who now wishes he had never heard of Defiance or Earth in general. I really wouldn't push her right now Nolan. She didn't put a bullet in Stahma's brain and her trigger finger is real itchy. Game: Amanda.

Plotting strategy, Amanda declares that she will take the shot that will disrupt the computer in Irisa but first, let's rehash old times with Doc. Pottinger broker her out of prison for her special skill set but still doesn't quite mention his connection with the Indogene-Kenya. Good lord he's slimy. Meanwhile, Cai and Nolan are escorted to E-Rep cells and don't y'all know you can't lock up a desperate man? Four guards versus an enraged father? That's no where near to being a fair fight.

Irisa is playing with her rock-ship models and sends more pods down with the blue light that means certain doom. Looks like Defiance is next on the hit list. Christie and Alak decide to head off for a restful vacation with Pilar and Quentin when the lights give them pause. Uh, no. On second thought, we don't want to go. Pilar is quite insistent and if you won't come quietly, well, Quentin, you know what to do. He knocks out Alak and Pilar holds Christie at gunpoint to get her in the car. Yes, Mom is perfectly okay, no worries about her sanity at all. The Tarr handmaiden assisting them is conveniently forgotten so what are you gonna do hon?

Amanda has Irisa in her sights when Nolan shoots the gun out of her hands and gets into fisticuffs with Pottinger who whines he's not playing fair. Have you even met Nolan before Niles? I have no idea what Amanda sees in him. He cuffs Amanda to the car and knocks Doc out. Nolan and Cai get to Irisa who tells him they're too late; it's already in motion. With Irisa focused on Cai, Nolan sneaks up behind her and pins her arms so Cai can make the connection to receive one of the keys. Irisa snaps back to herself and her first thought is for Tommy. She just wants to die. Sweetheart, after this is over, if you still want that bullet I'll oblige but for now, we have a planet and many more people to save. On your feet. Finally, a Castithan with some brains as the handmaiden comes back to the Tarr house with the news Alak and Christie have been kidnapped. Oh man, Datak isn't going to be able to stop himself from telling Christie 'I told you so', is he? But first stop, Camp Reverie to rescue Rafe who's next in line to be executed. Berlin tries to stop the wholesale execution but gets herself knocked out instead. She's having an incredibly bad day.

Nolan, Irisa and Cai look for the Arkbrain but uh oh, they've got company. Kaziri/Irzu traps Irisa in a prison in her mind. Meanwhile, Rafe and Berlin are due to be shot when the cavalry arrives in the form of the Tarrs. You really wouldn't like them when they are angry and hoo boy, are they angry. No one messes with family. It's a bizarre honor code, but a code nonetheless. Back on the ship, Kaziri takes on the form of Tommy to convince Irisa to let it in so the mission can be finished. Torn between wanting to be with Tommy again and knowing that he's gone and this isn't real, she chooses 'no'. Released, Cai asks what was that as he had his own hallucination. Well, it's proof that the ship is scared and is running out of tricks.

Okay Irisa do your thing. No pressure, only the whole world is riding on this. Cai and Irisa are in the system shutting the Arkbrain down when Irzu appears to Irisa a last time. It's time for you to go and she disappears. All right, time to shut this thing down. Right before the purple lights start beaming into the planet, Cai and Irisa reprogram them to blast the overhead ships instead. In the woods, Amanda and Pottinger see they're going to live and start making out. Uh, anyone else worried about Doc unconscious in the snow? No? Just me? Carry on then. Time to get out of the ship guys, it's falling apart around them.

Cai runs off but Irisa is limp. Nolan can't get them free and as the ship comes apart around them, he holds her close saying 'I love you, baby girl' and my eyes are just really itchy which is why they're watering madly. Above ground in Defiance, lots of celebrating takes place - Amanda and Pottinger in her boudoir (which really gives me the willies). Doc returns to her clinic, a shattered shell of her former self. Not celebrating? Datak, Stahma and Rafe as they chase down Pilar and Quentin with Christie who clearly regrets hugging mom earlier. Also not celebrating is Berlin who mourns Tommy by chugging a bottle of whisky. Amanda returns from her celebration - man that was fast - to ask Mercado if he's heard from Nolan. Nope and old St. Louis is buried but good now so if he was in there, he's gone too. Cut to Old St. Louis and who do we see in pods but Sukar (can't keep a muppet-skinned Irathient down) and Nolan still holding Irisa.

Will Nolan and Irisa escape from the pods? Will the town ever forgive her? What is Amanda thinking hooking up with Pottinger? Is Pilar more interested in her daughter or her daughter's baby? We've got questions but as of post time, a third season still hasn't been announced so get out there Defiant Few and tell Syfy to #RenewDefiance!