'Defiance' Recap: 'Bottom of the World'

Courtesy Syfy

And we're back! Picking up steam here so buckle up and hold on tight. Let's do this.

At the E Rep field office, Operation Silver Tongue is "go." This involves Irisa stealing a glowing orb and she would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for that damned father figure. Oh girl, you are so grounded. But Dad, I needed it to cure Sukar. You need a Terrasphere to cure Sukar. How's that going to work? It's, uh, complicated. Irisa, you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I'm glad to see Alak taking time from his busy shtupping schedule to announce that Ambassador Kennedy has arrived. Oh, you remember her; the delightful lady with two disposable husbands. Fortunately, she buys in bulk at Costco. Anyway, Treasure Doll wants more than just his kit and kaboodle but ain't nobody got time for that. He loves his wife and see ya. Oh snap, it's about to get Fatal Attraction around here because she won't be ignored Dan Alak.

Ambassador Kennedy is just as charming as ever, taunting Amanda about no longer being mayor and treating her as a day porter. Pottinger is all 'hells no' so the bitchfest will need to continue later, we've got a mine to tour.

Christie and Quentin reunite and everything is hunky-dory until first Rafe then Alak show up. Quentin will never forgive Rafe for sending their mother away, Rafe's still not thrilled about Christie's marriage, Alak is confused and the frigid temperature is definitely not from the snow alone. To the mines, my good folk! No one has forgotten Kennedy's stunt last year so Pottinger assigns Nolan to babysit her but Nolan is also babysitting Irisa so this should be fun. And fun it is until the mine caves in, trapping Amanda, Pottinger and Kennedy. Now it's a party. In the confusion, Irisa breaks her hands, slips out of the handcuffs, steals a car and drives away. Nolan can't go after her because Amanda called him for help and Pottinger is jealous that she called him. What exactly were you going to do Niles? Who else was she going to call? Alas, the Ambassador didn't make it but it does mean they have a bit more air left so we'll call it a draw.

Irisa goes to Tommy for help with the story that the Votanis Collective did something to her that made her sick and she'll die unless she gets a terrasphere; can he get it for her? Irisa, you are playing fast and loose with the truth here. Meanwhile, rescue diggers are on the job in the mine and Nolan discovers that someone used Votan weaponry to blow the chamber when two high ranking Earth Republic officials were there but no miners. Curious, no?

Amanda and Pottinger need to take cave-in survival 101 because 1) talking and 2) making out are really good ways of blowing through your limited air supply. But they may not be as dumb as Rafe trusting Quentin to help him get rid of the VC weapon stash or Alak not taking Treasure Doll's obsession with him seriously. Good news though; Stahma is on the case.

Nolan and Berlin go spelunking to get to Amanda and Pottinger so this is a perfect time to talk about their, ah, relationship. Datak is rebuilding himself as a card dealer when Stahma comes in to hire him to take care of Treasure Doll. Only $300? He's never worked for so little. All he want is his old life back but nope nope nope. Stahma will deal with the little whore herself. Man, Datak is so turned on right now. In other family news, Rafe discovers that Quentin became an assassin for the VC in order to free his mother and it was he who set the bomb. He doesn't care that Rafe will be blamed and knocks him out to tell his story first. Et tu, Quentin?

It's getting harder to breathe but whether it's because air is running out or something else is hard to tell. As you are wont to do in life and death situations, you share secrets. I wonder if Amanda has magic hair that glows when she sings? Anyway, Pottinger asks her to kill him so she has more air; she deserves to live because he is a monster *coughKenya-botcough*. Amanda, he's not wrong but really Niles, have you met Amanda before? That's probably not going to happen. Way to weasel out of confessing there though. It's a race against time, will Nolan and Berlin reach Pottinger and Amanda before the air gauge gets to 'zero?' They do! So now, orgy. And Quentin's happy: he punished Rafe and freed Mama who thinks that they can all be a family again. Well, except for your daughter who's married and pregnant, your husband who is incarcerated and your oldest child who is dead. But yeah, other than that, totes. Wait, what? You actually think you outsmarted your father to get him to take the blame? You stupid child, he did what was necessary for you kids. Jeebus, Quentin, your mom's been in loonyland for years and even she gets it.

Tommy brings Irisa the terrasphere and gets the silver-tongue treatment in return. Oh dear, I don't think that he was on Irzu's 'approved' list but that matters not as the terrasphere is released and it has begun, the devouring mother has come. See, nothing good can ever come from that sort of statement.

So it looks more and more like Quentin was Goggles who kidnapped 'Kenya' which makes sense as the VC is trying to undermine the Earth Republic. The Pale Wars will be fought once again, this time with Defiance as Ground Zero.

Only three more episodes of "Defiance" left this season, the next, "Doll Parts" starting right...now. Only on Syfy.