'Defiance' Recap: 'Doll Parts'

Courtesy Syfy

Last time Quentin freed Mom but betrayed Rafe and Irisa betrayed everyone and freed no one. Let's do this.

Treasure Doll seems to have gotten over the breakup with Alak as she's very happy to see someone visiting her in the Arch whilst doing her radio show. That someone isn't that happy to see her as she gets tossed of the top of the Arch. Hm. I wonder who it could be? Amanda is called to identify the body and wants Nolan to investigate but no can do sweetheart. His mentally disturbed daughter has gotten hold of a terrasphere so that kinda takes precedence over a dead hooker. Well fine, give me a badge and I'll do it. All righty then, Deputy Amanda Rosewater is on the case. First stop the Arch where there are the remains of a special picnic. Alak, were you sleeping with her? Huh? No, no, she was just an employee. So you won't mind if we look through this hidden video camera...after we find the memory card. If Alak could grow paler, he would.

Nolan tracks Irisa to her camp where Tommy sneaks up behind him. Will anyone ever learn to check their 'six?' First Nolan disarms Tommy who now has super healing factor, then Tommy disarms Nolan and before things get repetitive, Tommy spits up the silver tongue. Clearly, he was not worthy to be one of Irzu's chosen ones. Or the electric disruptor Nolan was putzing around with actually worked. Either way.

Christie's upset about Quentin turning in Rafe as it's hard to accept that someone you love is a murderer. Hm, not so much so for Stahma whose only comfort is that if you do great evil, it better be worth it. Know what else is a tragedy? Treasure Doll being thrown from the Arch. Who is not dead is Tommy, it was jus a flesh wound. An exasperated Nolan tells him it wasn't a vengeful god, it was sections of an Ark-brain and there is an ancient Kazeeri spaceship buried under Old St. Louis. So basically, Irzu wants to cleanse the earth and start over with it's chose ones, sort of like a Votan Rapture (great band name by the way). They have to get Irisa as it's hard to have an apocalypse without your cornerstone.

The investigation moves on to Treasure Doll's room at the Need/Want where Berlin gets quite an education as well as the missing memory card and a list of her most recent clients, one of whom was just last night. Place your bets now. And the winner is...Datak. Why did he suddenly need Treasure Doll's services last night? Well, it was a family matter. However, through the clever use of flashbacks, Amanda deduces that the son of the client Treasure Doll was in love with was Alak. Thank you for your time Datak. Fully human whoremonger: 1, Castithan Capo: 0.

Tommy walks Nolan into the camp as his 'prisoner' and seriously guys, this is the best plan you can come up with? Sukar votes for killing Nolan outright but Irisa will see him and they have a doozy of a fight where Irisa blames him for everything that has ever happened to her, that she is what he made her. What is her and what is Irzu? He tries to reason with her but attacks back that he lost everything taking her in. Well this will certainly put a damper on the holidays. It's all the humans' fault: they don't deserve this planet so we'll take it by force. Yeah, hon, that has really never worked out too well for anyone in the past so good luck with that.

Under Alak's bed, a handmaiden finds the bloody missing microphone but his day just got infinitely worse when Amanda and Berlin show him the playback of his trysts with Treasure Doll, complete with threatening to throw her off the top of the Arch if she breathes a word about this to anyone. Book 'em, Danno. Christie is beyond pissed that not only is her father in jail, but so is her husband. Worse than that, she knows he slept with Treasure Doll and thus betrayed her and their child. Stahma is mildly sympathetic towards her son but really Alak, you swore a human oath of fidelity to your human wife who will not put up with Castithan dalliances but she doesn't believe her killed the girl. So who was it? Round and round and round we go.

Stahma does the food walk for poor and disabled in the community. How altruistic, providing peace and comfort to those who are dying. And oh, you have a young daughter? Perhaps we can take her into our household as a handmaiden where she'll never go hungry. All you need to do is one teensy tiny little thing, seeing as you're dying and all. Back at the camp, Irisa gives Sukar permission to hurt Nolan but not kill him. Fight club! Tommy brings everyone inside the tent to watch while he plants the disuprtors around the perimeter of the tent. A fantastic plan, at least, until the remote doesn't work. Okay, who forgot to put in fresh batteries? Sukar can't die and Nolan's running out of tricks so Tommy, now would be a good time. Finally, a connection! And down goes the army.

Amanda looks at pictures of Treasure Doll and remembers how she advised her to fight for what she wanted. You have to fight or you end up with nothing. This is the one time it probably would have been good to know who she loved as there was no way that Alak was going to leave his wife and marry her. Alak finally comes clean about sleeping with Treasure Doll and though he treated her badly, put her aside when he was bored with her, he didn't kill her. Interrupting this touching scene, the dying Castithan stumbles in confessing to the murder of Treasure Doll. Amanda doesn't believe it for one second but he has the murder weapon. Stahma tells Datak what she did to free Alak but want to know why Datak placed the mic under Alak's bed. Datak assumed it was Stahma, Stahman assumed it was Datak but was it really Alak all along? The light clicks on and Stahma laughs hysterically. Castis, man.

Released from prison, Alak heads back home to Christie where he finds a suspicious bottle of red liquid in their room. Um, what is this? This? This is a poison prostitutes take to end an unwanted pregnancy and I was wrong before, Alak can get paler. Christie visited Deidre at the Arch who made her breakfast to get her mind off of Rafe. She smelled the poison in the juice though and wanted to know why Deidre would try to kill her. Not her, just the baby because without the baby, Alak would dump his wife and marry her. The crazy was cranked to 11 here. Treasure Doll went after Christie with the microphone who wrestled it away and whacked Treasure Doll in return and ultimately threw her off the Arch. Alak, yes you are a Castithan male but you must never again let your needs threaten our child. And like *that*. And with that, Christie just out-Castithaned everyone. Welcome, Stahma 2.0.

Nolan and Tommy bring an unconscious Irisa back to Defiance where they deepen their  bromance but uh oh, Irisa's awake, Irzu's pissed and the car crashes. Tommy tries to reason with her but she stabs him. Irzu wants her to kill Nolan but she won't and walks away. Nolan comes to to find Irisa's missing (again) and Tommy is hurt (again). Guess Irzu isn't done with her yet after all. Case solved, Amanda turns in her badge, Nolan fashions a sled to pull Tommy back to town and Stahma welcomes the orphaned Castithan girl into their house. Sleep well everyone for tomorrow, we cleanse the world.

Only two more episodes of "Defiance" left this season, "All Things Must Pass" and "I Almost Prayed" will air on Syfy next Thursday, August 28, beginning at 8 p.m. ET.