'Devil's Advocate' Coming to Primetime As Legal Procedural

"Suits" meets Satan!  Sorta.

It looks like Warner Bros. Television is working with NBC to turn the 1997 movie "Devil's Advocate" into a legal television drama, according to "Entertainment Weekly."

If the only thing you remember about "Devil's Advocate" is Keanu Reeves questionable southern accent, allow me to refresh your memory: Originally a novel by the same name, it tells the story of a young, upstart attorney beginning a new job when he is quickly taken under the wing of the Lucifer-esque senior partner of his new law firm.

If American television audiences love anything, they love the procedural show (just look at the shelf life of something like a "Law and Order") "Devil's Advocate" could certainly be getting a two-for-one deal of the procedural audience and the supernatural television fans, however, the EW article does make note of the recent difficulties network television has been having selling the devil in prime time-citing, most recently, the disappointing ratings for the "Rosemary's Baby" miniseries starring Zoe Saldana and the failure of "666 Park Ave." But keep in mind that NBC is launching the supernatural-themed "Constantine" this fall. If that hits big enough, you'll likely see more faith in this project. Not to mention, Warner is the production studio behind long-running hit "Supernatural."

Beyond the production announcement, not much else has come out surrounding the "Devil's Advocate" TV series.  I know I'm excited to see who could fill Al Pacino's scene-chewing shoes in the role of cleverly named John Milton for the television version.

Could it be.....Satan?  Sorry, I had to.

 -Roxy Orcutt