General Mills Teams up with DC Comics for a New Monster Cereal Look This Fall

Courtesy DC Entertainment
As if Boo Berry wasn’t delicious enough, the fine folks over at General Mills has given us even more incentive to buy up their Monster Cereal line this fall. General Mills has hired DC Comics to create the artwork for the boxes of Count Chocula, Frankenberry and the rest of the spooky breakfast gang, and not only that, each box will contain an original comic strip featuring the monster of your choice on the back for your lazy Saturday morning reading pleasure.

Speaking to the General Mills blog, DC Comics artist Jim Lee was eager to work on the project and got to tackle a childhood favorite, Boo Berry, “He’s not just a monster. To me he was the smartest of the trio.” Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune spoke to several marketing experts about the General Mills-DC Comics team up. “I’ve always found the DC Comics artwork to have a level of darkness, attitude and intrigue. And with a more visually demanding consumer, making this visual shift may amp up the intrigue in the brands.” University of Minnesota advertising professor Jennifer Johnson told the Strib. Jim Cousins, president of the Wingnut ad agency in Minneapolis, told the paper that “Instinctively this feels like a great fit.”

General Mills seems to have successfully tapped into the zeitgeist of the moment with incorporating the comic aesthetic in their design and hopefully will have great results with this DC Comic/Monster mash-up. Lucky for us, General Mills has already begun to ship the Monster Cereals to stores around the county.

And I thought Count Chocula was brooding before, I can’t wait to see his Batman-esque makeover!

-Roxy Orcutt