'The Strain' Recap: 'Runaways'

Courtesy FX

Last week on "The Strain," we had a secret autopsy, and unexpected confession and definitive proof that Setrakian did not, in fact, remove the sword blade from his Cane of Justice. Also I'd like to give a shout-out to Harriet for reminding me that 'Maggie' is the Secretary of Health and Human Services and not Palmer's press secretary. Thanks for keeping me honest Harriet! Okay, y'all, let's do this.

Worried about an increasingly unresponsive Gabe, Ruby gets a doctor to make a house call as the show must go on. Aw, Ruby, that was so nice of you to order lunch in for him. Guess that concert's not happening after all.

Abraham and Eph, you've just beheaded two vampires; what are you gonna do? Make eggs of course. And we get some back story on Abraham and The Master: he was the boogeyman in Gran's stories back in Romania but Abraham, don't you know that all the stories are true? The Setrakians were sent to a concentration camp and guess who was in charge? Our old friend, Eichhorst.

We haven't visited with Joan in a while and she's in bed sick. Her kids are sweet and made her breakfast in bed which she promptly spits out to the nanny's concern. She looks like hell and is fixated on her daughter's neck and lady, get those kids out of the house right now.

Abraham doesn't sugarcoat it for Eph - this is not a disease you can cure; the infected are no longer people and every last one must be killed. It's the only way to save the rest. Eph's down with that, at least until he has enough evidence for a city-wide quarantine. Okay, let's go visit the Barbours and here's what I need you to do - cover me with this super-sweet gun that fires silver nails so I can get close enough to use the sword. Got it? And, break. Guys, if you are going to make a victory feast after each visit, you'll never get through the list.

I was not losing my mind, the steering wheel in Eph's car is on the wrong side! And that's because it came from overseas and you know what, that's not important right now. What is important is that those who have turned are going home to destroy what they love the most.

The Master may be an ancient evil but he still needs to eat and a concentration camp is just like a buffet. Young Abraham saw the nightly visits of a creature feeding off of others, just like in Gran's stories but even as a prisoner, he's going to fight back. With silver. That he doesn't stand a ghost of a chance getting his hands on. Good luck with that Abraham.

Vasily! Oh, how I've missed you. But no rest for the weary as the rats are out of control in the subway. Something fishy is going on; there's a lot of food there so they'll only vacate if a bigger predator is in the area. Put on your hip waders, he's going down. Meanwhile, Nora is trying to process the whole Captain Redfern-Vampire Girl-beheading extravaganza when she gets a call from the assisted living facility that her mother wandered off to a coffee shop and ordered a martini. I think I want to party with Mama Martinez who does not want to be there any longer.

Eph and Abraham arrive at the Barbour's to find it too quiet. Faced with the actions she had to take and her inability to function in the world, Annie removed herself from it and holy crow, that's sad. Their kids are safe with her sister at least. But where is Ansel? Well, the growling from the shed kind of gives it away. To arms, gentlemen. Eph, you're on nail-gun-and-video duty so, you know, try not to blow it. They take out Ansel and the semi-turned neighbor and fire up the barbecue. NOW do you believe him Eph? Well, yes, but he's still going to work the quarantine angle, bless his heart.

Palmer wakes up and the surgery was a success but he won't  survive another major operation. Oh, now you are having moral quibbles doctor? That's okay, Palmer will rely on a higher power now.

Gabe's manager sent in a cleaner to cover up the death of the doctor but Gabe is less than grateful and has the cleaner for afternoon tea. Stars, man, they think they're better than everyone else.

Joan is still feeling crappy but it's nothing a run and some tea won't fix. Hm, but will it address searing pain in your eye with it going opaque? Girlfriend, you don't need a doctor, you need an exorcist. The nanny's like, to hell with this and packs up the kids to leave. Joan stops them and takes a deep sniff of the kids. Making memories no doubt. Just don't be gone too long. Um, yes. Well, the movie will start soon. Gotta go!

Back in Manhattan, Fet heads underground to find this new predator. Ammonia stains are everywhere and footsteps start running. Fantastic, he's being chased by a pack of rabid Voldemorts. Must go faster, must go faster gogogogogogo! Guess we know what the rats are afraid of now. Let's just hope that Abraham's sword comes equipped with an Extend-o-Reach feature.

Nora and Mama Martinez are still debating on where 'home' actually is. I'm going to vote for the place that doesn't have a vampire attacking the residents. Advantage: Mama Martinez.

Flush with the knowledge that he possesses incontrovertible evidence, Eph heads to the CDC office to present his quarantine case to Director Everett Barnes and Benedict Jim. Everett is with you Eph, but the folks above him, well, they'd go nuts with a full quarantine and politics blah blah blah. Okay Everett, he didn't want to do this but you've left him no choice. Roll that beautiful vamp-killing footage. I really hope you took the time to back up that video Eph. Okay, fine, Everett will make the call but Jim warns him that there is video footage of him wheeling Redfern's body to the basement. Oh crap. Eph tries to leave but his card has been deactivated as he's been disavowed. Here's your chance to begin redeeming yourself Jim - get all passengers and their families under the CDC's control. Oh, and give me your phone because I didn't back mine up. Bad detective, bad. On the bright side, no fisticuffs this time so, progress?

Next week, the infection continues to spread and the eclipse comes to New York. Tune in Sunday, August 17 at 10 p.m. ET on FX for "Occultation."