'True Blood' Recap: 'Almost Home'

Courtesy HBO

Eric & Pam
After Sarah is tired of hearing all of the voices of her lover’s past, she decides to run outside and give herself up to Gus, Jr. and Eric. Eric, of course, cannot control himself and he pins Sarah up against a pole. Pam is worried that Eric is going to kill her, so she holds a gun to her heart to ensure that he doesn’t. So, he takes a sip of Sarah’s blood, and bam, cured.

Gus, Jr. tells Eric that he’s not synthesizing Sarah’s blood to be a cure. It’s more of a stop-gap so people will come back needing more. Basically it equates to more money.

Eric goes to visit Sookie to let her know that he will be okay. Once she sees that Eric is healed, she wants the serum for Bill. Eric tells her that he will come back to see her later, but she can’t wait due to Bill’s accelerating condition. She ends up at Fangtasia and the Yakuza do not trust her. Eric pretends to glamour her so she’ll leave.

Sookie & Bill
Sookie confronts Bill about what Queen Sophie Anne wanted with her in the past. Bill tells her that Sophie Anne wanted to breed Sookie. He tells her that he didn’t take her to Sophie Anne because he felt human again with Sookie. Or in layman’s terms, he loved her and didn’t want to take her to a Fae-Mill (you know, like a puppy mill).

Sookie cannot leave well enough alone, so she heads to Fangtasia to see what Gus, Jr. was thinking about. Sookie breaks in and finds Sarah downstairs. She discovers that Sarah holds the cure in Sarah’s blood.

While Bill’s virus is spreading like wildfire, he has a nightmare about Sookie holding a baby that is really just a black void.

Sookie, Jessica, and Bill stupidly show up at Fangtasia so they can get Eric and Pam killed. Bill refuses the anecdote and decides that he’s ready to die.

Lafayette & Lettie Mae
So, as they are digging up those poor people’s yards, they decide to call the Rev instead of the police. Logical, I guess since half the police force is gone. For some odd reason, the Rev listens to cracked-out Lettie Mae and takes a sip of James’s blood. They’re all tripping hardcore and plundering through those people’s house. Well, okay then.

The trip takes them to a flashback to Tara’s birthday party. Lettie Mae doesn’t have a crusty wig on in this flashback. In the flashback it’s obvious that Lettie Mae was trying to hide Tara’s party from her alcoholic husband. Rev also can see this flashback.

The whole point of the flashback was that Tara wanted to shoot and kill her abusive, alcoholic father, but she never did it. She buried the gun in the front yard…and not very deeply I may add, but somehow many years later the gun was still there.

Tara asks Lettie Mae to let her go. I guess the point of this is to let us know that Lettie Mae wasn’t just some terrible, washed up mother for no reason. Bye Tara, go on now! She’s been dead now for seven episodes, and she still keeps popping up.

For some odd reason, Jason is sitting on Maxine’s couch while Hoyt and his new girlfriend go through the contents of Maxine’s house. Hoyt and the Bridget start arguing about wanting or not wanting kids, and Jason gets a text showing Jessica and Adilyn tied up. Now it makes perfect sense! Violet knew that Jessica had Adilyn’s blood, so she trapped her in order to ensnare Jessica. Boy, I am daft.

Bridget wants to come with Jason to Monroe, and Jason doesn’t have the cohones to tell her to buzz off. So Bridget rides along. I wonder how long it’s going to take for him to bone her or some vampire to kill her.

Jason goes in with attempts to save everyone, but Violet captures him too. About the time Violet goes into the many ways that she is going to torture Adilyn, Wade, Jessica, and Jason, Hoyt comes in and kills her.

Jessica talks to Hoyt, but of course he doesn’t remember her. They obviously still have a connection because after he leaves, he asks Jason about her. Jason tells Hoyt that Bill is sick, Hoyt brings her clean blood for him. The spark is still there. Awwww, man.

Smaller Bites:
-Since Bill has refused the anecdote, are they just going to let him die?
-What’s going to happen to Pam and Eric once Gus finds out that Sookie, Bill, and Jessica have shown up?
-Are Hoyt and Jessica going to get back together?
-Are Bridget and Jason going to end up together?
Two episodes to go!

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