'The Strain' Recap: 'For Services Rendered'

Courtesy FX

Last week on "The Strain," we met Vasily's dad, saw Eph sprung from the FBI and Abe took charge of his reluctant group of believers. Let's do this.

Joan's husband returns home from his business trip to make a detour to the country club bar so he clearly missed his wife a lot. The nanny warns him his wife is sick and she has the kids and you many not want to come home. Nonsense. Home, Jeeves. Ruffians have invaded Westchester though and he barely escapes to the safety of his home. Joan, I love what you've done with your hair; it's so Beetlejuice meets The Joker. What honey, don't you have a kiss for your wife?

In Abe's workshop of horrors, the new master plan is discussed and no Eph, the six o'clock news is still not an option. Eph cannot suspend his disbelief that to end the infection, all they have to do is the Master and the rest die.That's not how biology works; that's not how any of this works! Eph, you are dealing with vampire worms; your argument is invalid.

Flashback to Abe in Poland in the carpentry shop and he's wanting the silver bad. His yearning is interrupted by Eichhorst demanding to know who carved a piece of wood. Seeing as attention in a concentration camp usually means death, no one is quick to claim it but of course it's Young Abe. 8230385? You're coming with me. Make me...a box.

Just when it couldn't seem to get worse for Gus, he gets strip searched in the intake facility. Dude, there was a guy who bled white! Son, this is New York. Weird shit goes down all the time here now spread 'em. Meanwhile, Jim is having a nervous breakdown trying to serve two masters and Sylvia is really a whiny little thing - it's me or New York City. Team Abe shows up for his help; it's time to get to work on making up for your actions Jimbo. Having chosen Team Abe, Sylvia stomps away. Hon, he mortgaged humanity's future for you and you go and pull the diva act? Aw hell no! Okay Jim, we need information on how to get to the Master; who are you dealing with. Well, he's got waxy skin, intense eyes and wears what looks like is a bad toupee. Eichhorst? Yeah, you know him? It's...complicated.

Flashback! Eichhorst really likes visiting with Abe and I doubt it's for his sparkling conversational skills.

Let's check in with Eldritch Palmer. He's getting an IV from his man-servant when Eichhorst shows up with extreme ants in the pants. It's all going according to plan. Well, except for Jim Kent calling and attempting to extort more money saying he didn't dump the body. I thought you had him under control?

Gus hangs out in the holding cell with Felix who's looking rather...pale. Wonder how that strip search went for him?. No matter, Gus, you may want his head out of your lap. Just saying. Acting like a 12 year old, Sylvia left Jim who now is going to face Eichhorst armed with nothing but a silver knife and a pair of Ultra Depends.

Flashback! Abe stole a knife while the Eichhorst was away but gets back to work just in time. Eichhorst has been drinking and there's nothing like trying to work under close drunk supervision. Also happening under close drunk supervision? Blabbing about new world orders beyond the Third Reich. Oh, Eichhorst. The Fuhrer probably doesn't endorse that kind of talk. 8230835, you take all of this too personally for what do people crave but a strong leader? Let's play a game - who's quicker? Doing nothing is easier isn't it? Safer. And that's how evil grows - when good men do nothing. Eichhorst, taunting people about their belief systems usually doesn't end up working out well for anyone.

Overruled, the nanny takes Joan's kids home who run into the house and find dad dead on the floor. And here's Mommy dearest chasing them through the house, if by chasing you mean skittering about like a deranged spider. She corners them in the wine room and I can't help but think that if you have to go, there's really no better place to be. Meanwhile, Jim meets Eichhorst at Grand Central Station who knows he's been in contact with Abe. Make the wrong decision here and it's all over. Jim chose poorly as Eichhorst tells him to consider his wife dead. He heads for the tunnels and Jim chases him because he makes terrible decisions. Oh wait, it was a trap with Nora, Eph and Abe set up at strategic points to follow Eichhorst back to the Master. Really? That was your grand plan? Jeebus, Abe, you're the leader. Doubling back, Eichhorst finds Abe and after additional taunting goes in for the kill when he's shot by Nora. Fine, I give you another day of life Jew...for services rendered. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to catch a train.

Flashback! The box is finished and Eichhorst is so overcome with joy? elation? that he offered food to Abe so you know it was a big deal. Your work here is done; be sure to collect your 'payment'.  In the present, Joan shatters the glass wall of the wine room but right before launching her stinger at her daughter, is killed by another vamp who is the the demon lovechild of Marv from Sin City and the Joker. What sorcery is this? After checking out the kids for signs of infection, they are free to go but nanny's daughter? Sorry sweetie, you're corrupted and he promptly puts her down. Wow, these kids are going to need a whole lot of therapy now and clearly nanny isn't getting paid this week.

Who are these vigilante vamps? How is Jim Kent still alive? Does Vasily need comforting as I am willing to take on that burden. Tune in next Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on FX for "Creatures of the Night."